The internet is an extremely effective way to advertise Building Automation equipment and services because it attracts technologically minded people and provides them with the research tools necessary to make informed buying decisions.

When you place an ad with us you are assured that it reaches a large receptive and focused international audience for much less than the cost of a small magazine ad.

How to submit ad information.
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There are several ways to advertise on the website.  Ad content can be changed at any time during the campaign allowing market experimentation and targeting.

Circulate throughout the website resulting in excellent exposure.
Industry standard 468 x 60 pixels in size (Max file size = 15K)
Animation OK

No Java or Flash

Circulate throughout the articles, press releases, reviews etc.
150 wide x 250 pixels high allows more message space than a banner.
Animation OK (Max file size = 15K)

No Java or Flash

Circulate on the index frames
100 x 100 pixels in size (max file size - 15K)
Animation OK (limited to 3 cycles)

No Java or Flash

Full page color ad 
Multiple graphics with animation Max 500 Pixels Wide
Unlimited text
Multiple links allow targeting of customer needs.
Very effective in conveying a message about products or services.

No Java or Flash

Maximum 10 words, including company name
Rotation in articles / releases, etc.

In addition, offers several ways to advertise for free.

For further information about these and other services contact:
Tel. (250)-656-5378

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