April 2006

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Hong Kong Harbour ' Symphony Of Lights '   Ken Sinclair

Control of 18 buildings on the Hong Kong water front in an integration of architectural lighting, laser effects, pyrotechnics and accompanied by a sound simulcast provides a very graphic demonstration of what city wide control integration might look like. Be sure to view the video.

Extracted from this web site; http://www.laservision.com.au/

Tourism forms a vital part of Hong Kong's economy. The Hong Kong Tourism Commission engaged Laservision as their consultants with a brief to develop the idea of creating a permanent 'light show' based on the illumination of significant buildings in Hong Kong.

These buildings overlook the city's famous Victoria Harbour. The harbour is possibly the most significant natural asset for the 18 million tourists that currently visit Hong Kong each year.

January has seen the first of three stages of the Harbour Lighting Plan become a reality. The outcome represents an integration of architectural lighting, laser effects and pyrotechnics. 18 buildings are currently involved in the AUD 15.5 million dollar Harbour Lighting Plan. Shows run 14 minutes in duration and will run once nightly with a greater concentration over national celebrations and public holidays.

Shows are accompanied by a sound simulcast which is broadcasted from popular viewing locations including ferries travelling to and from the city. The simulcast can also be dialled into via mobile phone.

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How are the Buildings and Show Coordinated?

The control systems used to coordinate the whole of the Lighting Plan have been engineered, manufactured and shipped from Laservision's Sydney studios.

Stage one of the Harbour Lighting Plan has seen 19 Digital Data ~ Pumps installed into participating buildings for the purpose of coordinating the show. Laservision's 'Digital Data ~ Pumps' are specifically designed to coordinate usually incompatible elements of the macro media industry.

Macro mediums are high powered, high impact mediums used to entertain the masses. These mediums include Lasers, Architectural Lighting, Surround Sound, Fountains, Aqua Screens, Large Format Projection, Pyrotechnics and Special FX. Laservision's proprietary show control systems allow these mediums to be perfectly synchronised.

Laservision Electronics Engineer, Brett Slattery said "operation skills are easily acquired due to the focus on reliability and ease of use. Meaning, non-technical personnel are able to operate Digital Data ~ Pumps via a touch screen".

As a result of this export into Hong Kong, Laservision has recently been awarded the prestigious 'NSW Exporter of the Year' in the category of 'Arts and Entertainment'. This award was presented by Austrade and the Australian Institute of Export. Other awards won by Laservision this year include 'Creative Small to Medium Enterprise', presented by the Hong Kong Australian Business Association and the Australian Chamber of Commerce's 'Innovation Award'. This award was presented in Hong Kong.

Laservision represents a world renowned pioneer of creative, high impact solutions for the attractions, advertising, and special events industries. Our creations are projected to targeted, large scale audiences, where the audience becomes an integral part of the experience. These creations include permanently installed entertainment for theme parks, tourist attractions and other special venues and secondly, themed celebrations, presentations both corporate and public, which range in scope from private "launch", to a national celebration.


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