April 2008

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Frank Capuano, President, Strata Resource Inc.EMAIL INTERVIEW Frank Capuano & Ken Sinclair

Frank Capuano, President,  Strata Resource Inc

Manager of the Buildy Awards Program and Editor of the daily event paper produced for ConnectivityWeek

Buildy Update ‘08

The Award for an Industry of Innovation and Intelligent Connections

New Products
Past Issues

Control Solutions, Inc

Sinclair: With the deadline approaching, how are the Buildy nominations shaping up?

Capuano: As with previous years, Buildy continues to attract an array of high profile projects and intriguing products. The nominations – so far – are showing a high level of innovation and vision in this industry.

Sinclair: Can you give us any specifics at this point?

Capuano: Unfortunately, no. We cannot release any information regarding nominations until the nomination deadline expires.

Sinclair: When is the deadline? And have any of the categories closed out early?

Capuano: The deadline for submitting nominations is April 15th. The deadline is approaching fast; it is only a couple of weeks away. None of the categories have closed. There is still time and room for additional nominations in each category.

Sinclair: Where can people get a nomination form?

Capuano: The forms are available for download from the ConnectivityWeek website at http://www.connectivityweek.com/2008/na/default.asp#buildy

Sinclair: Could you give us a quick reminder of the categories?

Capuano: Yes. The Buildy awards celebrate companies, organizations and individuals who best support the vision of smart device connectivity. The Buildy awards recognizes the many facets of smart device connectivity by establishing eight award categories, as follows:

• Vision
• Open Initiative
• Green Initiative
• Best New Product
• Building Connectivity Implementation
• Home Connectivity Implementation
• GridWise Applied
• Automated DR Implementation

For a complete description of each category visit http://www.connectivityweek.com/2008/na/default.asp#buildy

Sinclair: Is there a different form for each category?

Capuano: No. There is a single form that instructs submitters to fill out the relevant section for the category they are submitting a nomination for.

Sinclair: To submit a nomination a person just has to fill out the form and email it in?

Capuano: For a nomination, yes – the form has to be filled out and emailed in to Buildy@Clasma.com or to me at Frank@Clasma.com. If the nomination is selected as a finalists (after the April 15th deadline) then the submitter will be asked to supply an image(s) of the product or project or visionary and maybe additional text to provide more detail regarding aspects of the nomination.

Sinclair: Is it fair to say that details count?

Capuano: Yes, because voting is open to all ConnectivityWeek attendees and they are a diverse crowd. The ConnectivityWeek attendees represent buildings, process control, home control, M2M, wireless and GridWise. Adding an extra sentence or two explaining the significance of a benefit could mean the difference between winning or losing the Buildy award.

Sinclair: Sounds like this year’s Buildy awards are shaping up to be another interesting contest.

Capuano: Yes, this year promises another interesting contest. Part of what makes it so interesting is that it is all decided at the show by the attendees. To be present when the industry speaks is always an exciting moment.



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