August 2014

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Ken Sinclair

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Working Together. Separately

Although our August theme seems like an oxymoron the cloud enables us to “Work Together” while flexing our greatest resource our people, a group of individuals that separately create pieces that fit the cloud puzzle. I recently found clarity in the cloud and have started talking funny but now have a clearer vision of our future, a collaborative mosaic of our industry “Working Together, Separately". is a great example; Jane and I working separately from the industry as publishers of a B2B magazine generating the content which is the result of our collaboratory of all the working together folks to create something we hope is useful to the industry. Open standards group like Haystack, BACnet, are based on working together but are powered by separate individuals. In Anto's interview he tells of his free web service that brings all events together for us as a web service.  He is working together separately. I have included a quick review of a digital signage company that uses their working together collaboratory to help sell their individual services.

The core of all powerful web services is providing the ability for us to work together for free or at a very low cost in the cloud, but this all happens with separate individuals building these services.

Our future is clear; we need to identify our collaboratory resources that will take us to the outer edges of the IoT of buildings, but we need to clearly convey how our individuals will add value, and why they must be part of your collaboratory.

Our last issues have spoken of the importance and strength of building our collaboratory or collaboratories, keeping the cloud open, and a greater understanding that we are the only resources that we have as an industry.  We collectively need to grow our people younger and with more IoT type thinking.  My first attempt at this is this call;

Seeking Youth for the IOT Journey of our Industry

Please join me on my request for online input to help map out a process for gathering thoughts, suggestions, and action of how we can attract young minds to our industry. Our future depends on this. The industries with the best and easiest to use IoT solutions will win. Their people will provide these solutions. We need bright young minds that grew up with IoT to be our people so we can nurture and educate them about our industry resources so they can help morph us into today.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]As always this new issue is a collection of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey Working Together. Separately

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Editorial from July 2014

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