December 2008

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EMAIL INTERVIEW Paul Balazovjech & Ken Sinclair

Paul Balazovjech, President, Spartan Peripheral Devices

What is new for the upcoming AHR?

This year, we have seven important items to discuss and display….

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Sinclair:  Paul, so what is new for the upcoming AHR 2009 in Chicago.

Balazovjech;  January is a very exciting month for us and we cannot wait to get to the show. This year, we have seven important items to discuss and display….

1) After exhibiting the wireless valve actuator based on IEEE802.15.4 protocol last year, we went back to basics and developed a 433Mz wireless valve actuator and wireless room thermostat combo that works as a complete unit.

2) To complete our range of Spartan’s zone valve bodies we developed a new 100 PSI close-off globe valve cartridge, “The control of the globe valve with close-off of the ball valve” is now a reality.

contemporary 3) Spartan’s 3-way zone valve bodies are currently equipped with unions. In the constant stride for cost reduction we have developed a 3-way valve body without unions.

4) We added two new valve bodies to our already extensive zone valve line. One with male flare threads and the other with female inverted flare threads. These valves will be specifically used in the retrofit market.

5) Our existing ME4340 modulating Syncube actuator has been updated by adding jumper selectable inputs 0-10Vdc, 2-10Vdc and 4-20mA.

6) Our existing ME4140 floating Syncube actuator has been updated by adding isolating traics for multi-unit installations from a single control point.

7) Our new website will be unveiled for the show with many new and exciting features. Check it out at

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