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Intelligence Audience Measurement Software for your integration

signage platformWith our pattern recognition software, we provide you the most high end intelligence solution – pay per glance for your signage platform requirement. We have already had installed signage platform in several airport site by our system integrator partner, like Frankfurt and Beijing, together with small platform for Japanese supermarket signage application. Here we would like to propose three intelligence solutions for your review.

Viewer Counter Solutiona) Viewer Counter Solution, By using our eye-tracking and face sensing technology, we can identify numbers of people who has actually view the advertisement. Our core technology is that the smallest face size detectable is 20 x 20 pixels. You can even to storage the "time line" information so as to measure "when" and "which site" has most effective result. Thus you can justify and charge the commercial by on-site viewing ratio and response to customers accordingly. Live demo video clip:


People Flow CountingPeople Flow Countingb) People Flow Counting solution, By using tripwire technology, we can count numbers of people who have passed by the site where Signage installed. In the same time, you can define the size of the object which will help to exclude "little kid" or "animals". Also you can define either one way or two ways counting to fit for the real world situation. Multiple lines are also available for different applications, since some public site is open space and you can not decide where people are from and leaving. Live demo video clip:


Gesture RecognitionGesture Recognitionc) Gesture Recognition, by using computer vision technology, just like movie “Minority Report”, advertiser may therefore generate interactive advertisement and allows viewers to react with the commercials simply by their hands, virtual touching technology. Please kindly link to for a brief demo. Tool engine and SDK ready, application software additional.


Generation Recognitiond) Generation Recognition, by using pattern recognition technology, which allows advertiser to further collect the age information of the viewer and feedback to branding customer to further analyze the targeted customers group. Not available yet, ODM only for features.

Gender Recognitione) Gender Recognition, by using neural network technology, which allows advertiser to further collect the gender information of the viewer and feedback to branding customer to further analyze the targeted customers group. Not available yet, ODM only for features.


e) Mobile Vision solution, it is the most powerful solution for advertisement industry. Simply what you need is a mobile phone with camera and MMS function, almost every mobile phone can do. The business model is that, a) providing a special logo at Signage or flat type commercial at public site; b) encourage viewer to take photo and transmit to service center, then they will get a replied coupon or MP3 or other gift, by a returned SMS/MMS. The system uses our unique neural network platform to provide the most robust solution. Via this platform, you will know exactly who is your targeted customer, after the commercial period, you will have whole bunch of cell phone numbers who actually pay attention to your commercial / product for future contact potential.

Mobile Vision solutionMobile Vision solutionMobile Vision solution

System and Software OEM/ODM are always welcome. Should you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to inform us. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Kurt Chen


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