December 2018

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CTA Preview of Voting Ballot

I wanted to see a complete preview of all my options before I got to the business of casting my votes.

Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher

The 2018 ControlTrends Awards Voting Ballot

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When I voted I found that once I started down the rabbit hole that was the online ballot I kept finding information that affected my previous vote. I wanted to see a complete preview of all my options before I got to the business of casting my votes.

Please be sure you vote in this year's amazing gathering of the industies talent for 2018 CTA

Announcing the 2018 ControlTrends Awards Finalists!

Congratulations to all of the finalists! We thank our ControlTrends Community for the largest nomination engagement ever, with participation from over 40 countries. And, very special thanks to all of our sponsors! Now, the final voting phase begins. 
Please use this link to cast your vote — and make sure to pass this voting link along to your colleagues and communities to vote as well. We look forward to seeing you January 13th, 2019, in Atlanta.


Here is the preview of your ballet

This is your 2018 ControlTrends Award Voting Ballot. You can only vote once, so think carefully about your choices -- and remember, your vote could make all the difference! Your name and email provide additional safeguards to assure that the voting is fair. Your information will not be shared with anyone else. Please forward this 2018 ControlTrends Awards Voting Ballot to your coworkers and colleagues.

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Building Automation VAV Controller *
 Schneider I/A series MNB-Vx
 KMC Conquest BAC-9000 Series VAV Controllers
 Honeywell Spyder
 Contemporary Controls BAScontrol
 EasyIO FW-08V
 Optergy P864 Controller
 Belimo ZoneEase VAV
 Johnson Controls FX-PCV Series
 Delta Controls eZV-440
 Distech Controls ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller
 Siemens DXR Controller

Building Automation Plant/Equipment Controller of the Year *
 Delta Controls O3-DIN-CPU
 Lynxspring JENEsysONE
 Delta Controls eBMGR
 Honeywell Eagle N4
 Distech Control ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controller – ECY-303
 Tridium Niagara JACE 8000
 Contemporary Controls BAScontrol20
 ILC 2050 BI Controller, Phoenix Contact
 EasyIO FS-32
 Optergy P864 Controller
 KMC Conquest Controller
 Johnson Controls FX-PCG
 Talon TC-36

Smart Buildings Analytic Platform of the Year *
 Sandstar, Anka Labs
 Onyxx Edge Analytics with Skyspark
 Optigo Visual BACnet
 VYKON Integrated Analytics
 EasyStack, EasyIO
 CopperTree Analytics
 Schneider Electric, EcoStruxure
 Siemens Desigo CC
 KMC Commander Analytics
 Lucid BuildingOS

Peripheral Vendor of the Year  *
 Functional Devices
 Belimo Controls
 CyberPower Systems
 Contemporary Controls
 Veris Industries
 Dwyer Instruments

Innovative Wireless Product or Solution of the Year *
Wireless product or solution (Networked or Stand-alone)
 Reliable Controls EnOcean
 Schneider Electric SE-8600
 Delta Controls eZNTW
 Johnson Controls TEC2000 Zigbee Series
 ALC Energy Harvesting Wireless Room Sensor
 Hubbell, wiSCAPE® Wireless Outdoor Lighting System
 Lynxspring Edge 534 Controller
 Distech Controls’ Allure UNITOUCH with my PERSONIFY mobile app
 CyberPower Smart App Sinewave
 Raspberry pi zero W
 EasyIO FW-14
 Honeywell RedLINK
 EasyIO FT-04
 Viconics WCM8000B Plugin Module

Lighting Product or Solution of the Year *
 ISMA Products iSMA-2D1B
 KNX Schneider
 Acuity nLight Air
 LOYTEC L-DALI Lighting Control
 Hubbell, wiSCAPE® Wireless Outdoor Lighting System
 Amatis Controls
 ALC Automated Logic
 Reliable Controls Mach-ProLight
 Siemens Total Room Automation
 Blue Ridge Technologies
 Delta Controls O3 Integrated Room Controller

Race to the Small Space Solution of the Year *
 Honeywell LCBS Connect
 Lynxspring 534
 Siemens Desigo Control Point
 Proton, Optergy
 ECLYPSE Solution for Small Connected Buildings, Distech Controls
 Schneider Electric Smart Struxure Lite
 Johnson Controls Verasys
 Niagara Edge 10
 Delta Controls O3 Integrated Room Controller
 KMC Commander
 iSMA Products, iSMA-B-FCU
 Reliable Controls RC-Studio 3
 Contemporay Controls BASview2

IoT Product or Solution of the Year *
 Optergy Proton
 Siemens Desigo Control Point
 Tridium Niagara 4
 Distech Controls’ Allure UNITOUCH with my PERSONIFY mobile app
 Honeywell CIPer Controllers
 SkySpark Everywhere Distributed Architecture
 Lynxspring Connexx
 EasyIO FW Series

Smart Building Automation Control System of the Year *
 KMC Controls
 Optergy, Proton
 Schneider Smart Struxure
 Siemens Talon
 Johnson Controls FX
 Lynxspring JENEsys
 Tridium Niagara 4
 Distech Controls ECLYPSE Connected Controller Series
 Delta Controls enteliWEB
 Honeywell WEBs

Smart Thermostat or Smart Room Controller of the Year *
 Siemens RDS110
 LOYTEC L-STAT Room Control Unit
 Viconics VT8000 Series Controllers
 Schneider Electric Wiser Air
 Allure UNITOUCH, Distech Controls
 Optergy P864 Controller
 Johnson GLAS
 KMC FlexStat
 EasyIO FW-Series Room Controller
 Ecobee 4
 Honeywell Lyric
 Delta Controls eZNT

ControlTrends Impact Person of the Year *
 Roger Rebennack, Jackson Control
 Terry Swope, Lynxspring
 Brian Turner, Buildings IOT
 Chris Eichmann, Johnson Controls
 David Riffle, Belimo
 Aaron Gorka, ANT Technologies
 Jim Young, Realcomm
 Johan Schakenraad, EasyIO
 Tim Vogel, KMC
 Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply and Engineering
 Ken Sinclair, Automated Buildings
 Angie Jarvis, Functional Devices
 Phil Zito, BAM
 John Hutchey, Honeywell
 Josh Felperin, Siemens
 Ron Zimmer, CABA
 Kevin Smith, Tridium
 Marc Abdelahad, Optergy
 Ryan Sen, Distech Controls
 John Nicholls, Delta Controls

Best Technical Support Person -- Large Manufacturer *
 John Franz, Johnson Controls
 Laura Kevitt, Honeywell/Tridium
 Kristina Flores, Delta Controls
 William Ling, ALC Automated Logic
 Kevin Williams, Belimo
 Dave Bohlmann, KMC
 Kevin Williamson, Tridium
 Robert Lastinger, Distech Controls
 Lou Jones, Honeywell
 Mike Eddinger, Siemens
 Marc Gusta Bonastre, Schneider Electric Latin America
 Paul Wray, KMC Controls

Best Technical Support Person -- Small Manufacturer *
 Henry Smith, Functional Devices
 Daniel Tan, Optigo
 Paul Wray, KMC Controls
 Aaron Gorka, ANT Technologies
 Donnie Goodman, Lynxspring
 Pedro Jorge, EasyIO
 Fred Arnold, Loytec
 Marc Abdelahad, Optergy
 Diego Mateo, Contemporary Controls
 Ricky Villa Valle, J2 Innovations
 Brian Galardo, ProLon
 Matt Buchholz, ACI

Best Technical Support Company -- Large Manufacturer *
 Distech Controls
 Johnson Controls
 Schneider Electric
 ALC Automated Logic
 Delta Controls

Best Technical Support Company -- Small Manufacturer *
 KMC Controls
 Blue Ridge Technologies
 Contemporary Controls
 Sierra Monitor Corporation
 Functional Devices

The PID Award *
 Hans-Joerg Schweinzer, Loytec
 Sarah Monteleone, Connect-Air (General Cable)
 Gina Elliott, EasyIO
 Robert Lastinger, Distech Controls
 Dan Preston, Johnson Controls
 Hannah Kibler, Functional Devices
 Aaron Gorka, ANT Technologies
 Tim Vogel, KMC Controls
 Ron Zimmer, CABA
 Chad Blackmer, Belimo
 Greg Holloway, Delta Controls
 Terry Swope, Lynxspring
 Steve Guzelimian, Optergy
 Laura Kevitt, Honeywell/Tridium
 Mike Keller, Honeywell

ControlTrends Executive of the Year -- Small Vendor of the Year *
 Marc Bergeron, Prolon
 Roger Rebennack, Jackson Control
 Marcin Płoski, GC5 iSMA
 Sebastien Gouin-Davis, Amatis Controls
 Hans-Joerg Schweinzer, Loytec
 Jason Falbo, Mircom
 Jason Briggs, J2 Innovations a Siemens Company
 Aaron Gorka, ANT Technologies
 Terry Swope, Lynxspring
 Steve Guzelimian, Optergy
 Brian Turner, Buildings IOT
 Mark Fernandes, Functional Devices, Inc.
 Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply and Engineering
 Richard Newberry, KMC Controls
 Gina Elliott, EASYIO
 Pook-Ping Yao, Optigo Networks

ControlTrends Executive of the Year -- Large Manufacturer *
 Mike Keller, Honeywell
 Carlson Chong, ALC Automated Logic
 Scott Hamilton, Distech Controls
 Josh Cales Alerton
 Jason Sherrill, Hubbell Control Solutions
 Jim Bland, Tridium
 Chad Blackmer, Belimo
 Dan Preston, Johnson Controls
 John Nicholls, Delta Electronics

ControlTrends Vendor of the Year -- Large Manufacturer *
 Distech Controls
 Johnson Controls
 Delta Controls Inc
 ALC Automated Logic
 Belimo Controls
 Schneider Electric

ControlTrends Vendor of Year -- Small Vendor *
 KMC Controls
 Blue Ridge Technologies
 Contemporary Controls
 Functional Devices

ControlTrends Master Systems Integrator of the Year *
 Hawaii Energy Systems, LLC
 OTI, Pleasant Hill, CA
 Gardiner, Cleveland, OH
 G&B Electric, Cleveland, OH
 Automated Climate Controls, Manville, NJ
 McKenney's, Inc., Atlanta
 Panbo Systems BV, Netherlands
 ISAI Controles. Uruguay
 Engineered Control Solutions, NC
 T.E.A.M. Solutions Inc, TX
 ABC Controls, Florida
 HC RT, Netherlands
 Building Control Integrators, Columbus, OH
 K&S Ventures, Rochester Hills, MI
 Vertex Integration LLC, Hudsonville, MI
 Emcor Mesa Energy, Chino CA
 FSG (Facility Solutions Group) Austin TX
 Champion Systems, Jamestown, NC
 The Enterprise Corp, Twinsburg, Ohio
 DHC Automation and Controls Ltd, Canada
 Building & Climate Service, Netherlands
 Envise Co, Las Vegas, NV
 Controls Engine Ltd, UK
 Performance Services Inc, IN
 CBRE|ESI, Milwaukee WI
 Oberix Group, Australia
 Brewer-Garrett, Cleveland, OH
 ControlNet, Kalamazoo MI
 Casadei & Pellizzaro s.r.l., Forlì, Italy
 01 Partner, Poland
 R&R Controls, San Diego CA
 Engineered Services Inc, VA
 PID, Croatia
 AIRON HVAC & Control, Canada
 Direct Control, New Zealand
 Iconic Plus Control Systems, Dubai
 Commercial Mechanical Systems, NC
 Chesapeake Controls, VA
 T F Tull Limited, UK
 Control Concepts, Inc., GA
 Building Environment Control, UK
 Epcon Multi Guna, Indonesia
 Hoffman Building Technologies, Inc.
 ESC Automation, Canada
 DMA Applied Controls, Canada
 LONG Building Technologies,CO
 Haften S.A. de C.V., Mexico

ControlTrends Woman of the Year *
 Amy Cervantes, Belimo
 Angie Jarvis, Functional Devices
 Nicole Conklin, Cochrane Supply Co
 Donna Hamilton, Siemens
 Gina Elliott, EasyIO
 Marnie Lou Roll, Johnson Controls
 Laura Kevitt, Honeywell/Tridium
 Rhonda Stratham, Lynxspring
 Kristina Flores, Delta Controls
 Dawn Ingram, Control Concepts, Inc.
 Patty Hall, Honeywell
 Tracey Knafel, KMC Controls
 Fanny W. Hendradi, Epcon Indonesia
 Iris Rodríguez Vite, Schneider Electric México
 Stefani Szczechowski, Distech Controls
 Dannah Hagerty, Entek, Atlanta
 Sarah Monteleone, Connect Air
 Therese Sullivan, Tridium

Progressive Consulting Engineer of the Year (Demonstrated Industry Leadership in Advancing the Smart Building) *
 Ben Babb, BMA CE, San Luis Obispo CA
 Nicolas Arrarte, ISAI Controles, International
 Jason Falbo, Mircom Group
 Steve Whalley, Attingham Consulting Engineers, UK
 Geoff Hunter, Palmer Conservation Consulting, OH
 T.J. Erdman, Ring & DuChateau Consulting Engineers, Milwaukee WI
 Chad Weigman, Weigman and Associates
 Taylor Engineering, SF Bay Area
 Max Neus, Delta Technics Engineering B.V.
 Richard Reid, Arup
 Ben Majidi, Paragon Engineering
 Engineering Matrix, St. Petersburg Florida
 Gordon Haley, Blue Buildings
 Richard Warner, O&M Engineering, Inc.
 Kevin Graham, Smith Seckman Reid, Nashville, TN
 Ben Rubach, db|HMS, Chicago IL
 Glenn Remington, Consumers Energy Virtual Energy Engineer™
 Troy Windom, Dewberry Engineers
 Dave Filer, Filer Engineering
 Brad White, SES

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