December 2021

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How to Update your Website with the Smarter Stack

"Stack" your website providing greater details of your company's purpose and position in the industry.

Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher

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Need to add Clarity to your WebSite?

"Stack" your website providing greater details of your company's purpose and position in the industry using the smarter Stack.

How do you use the Smarter Stack?

Last month Anto provide this introduction of the work we have been doing at MondayLive!

A Smarter Stack for Smarter Buildings  Contributing editor  Anto Budiardjo "Facility IT Evangelist"

Anto: The Smarter Stack came out of Monday Live!ma group ( formed at the start of the pandemic. The group is made up of thought leaders from the smart building industry, initially trying to understand the impact of the pandemic on buildings, and recently, working to understand what smart buildings will look like post-pandemic and how we can scale up deployment to make buildings efficient, productive and healthy.

Over the 18 months of Monday Live! conversations, the group felt that some framework is necessary to organize all of the components, technologies, products, and companies that now proliferate the industry. The Smarter Stack is that tool.

Ken: Is the Smarter Stack something we can all use?

Anto: Yes, Ken, we decided to make the Smarter Stack open-source, so anyone can use it. You can see the raw stack at, including the run-through of what the stack is, as well as a link to a template that you can use to create your own stack.

In our December issue Skip provided this article,

How to Make Your Job Post POP
Skip Freeman Founder & President of Smart Buildings Talent including with a Link to his new website that show us a great example of how to use the stack to attract folks to our industry.

Below are some screen captures of how he has used the stack to show where jobs fit in our industry.



A great example of how to to use the stack to explain your products services the stack need to be part of everyone website well done

Great website, great use of the stack, never saw it being used for this purpose. Where does my job fit? Brilliant.


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