February  2008

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CABA Integrated and Intelligent Building Council Spreads its Wings

  Tom Lohner   www.Teng.com

The CABA Integrated and Intelligent Building Council (IIBC) held its quarterly meeting in New York to update members on the activities of several Task Forces.

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See http://www.caba.org/councils/council.html to review the directives outlined by the Intelligent Building Task Force lead by Roy Kolassa (Honeywell) and the CABA board of directors.

The board of directors agreed to endorse the expansion of CABA 's Integrated and Intelligent building focus under the current direction and leadership of the IIBC. The IIBC will use the recommendations of the Intelligent Building Road Map as a basis to spawn new task forces dedicated to addressing the building construction industry needs relative to building technology and enterprise system integration. The IB road map can be purchased at CABA.org. The IB road map identified 13 focus areas necessary to increase market awareness, increase design and construction professionals knowledge in the areas of integrated building technologies, and to create new business opportunities. From these 13 focus areas, the following 6 areas were discussed with a request for IIBC members to step forward to lead the efforts of these task forces.

TF - 1 IB Marketing - Develop Intelligent Buildings Definition and Refine IB / BIQ Brand(s) and Marketing Programs; Status - IB definition 75% by IB Task Force; Need TF Chair.

contemporary TF - 2 Green & Sustainable Building Industry Collaboration; Status - IIBC is a members of the Commercial Building Initiative, Building High Performance Building Council and close to completion of an MOU with the USGBC; Chair: Tom Lohner.

TF - 3 IB Building Awards; Status - BIQ and CABA have developed framework for award program; Chair: Mr David Katz (President of the BIQ Consortium).

TF - 4 Develop IB Designer and Installer Certification Programs; Status - 3 industry meetings held in 2007 ( INFOCOM, ASHRAE, LONMARK, BiSCI, CABA, BOMA ) Chair: Mr. Jim Sinopoli (President Intelligent Buildings).

TF - 5 Integrated Low Voltage Systems - Status - None; Chair -Ed Regan (Interstate Electronics).

TF - 6 IIB valuation and assessment tools; Status BIQ and LLC tools complete and ready for deployment. Steering committees formed for BIQ; Soliciting industry interest in additional tool needs; LCC Tool Chair: Thom Keel (GA Tech).

Members and non-member companies are encouraged to participate and become part of defining the convergence of intelligent and green buildings.

Contact CABA at info@caba.org for more details.


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