February 2022

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From Modbus to the Metaverse!

“That is ludicrous!”

nicolasNicolas Waern - Digital Twin Specialist



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It might be for the uninitiated. However, modern tools used to solve ancient problems can be powerful agents to the initiated. And we all want to be initiated, don’t we? The thing is that with different reference frames, there is a slim chance of agreement on what the past and present looks like. And how future events will unfold.

Is there a way to find common ground? Definitely. If we fast forward 100 years into the future, we'll hopefully see that we will do things differently. But what will education be like? Who will make the moves, who will present the new technology, who will adopt it and leverage it at scale? And as I have said before, EVERYTHING about Buzzword Bingo and the Hypecycle is possible today. But what is it that will change?

-        Are the tools we will use in 10 years the ones that are buzzwordy right now?

-        Will the business models have changed?

-        Will the processes of integration change?

-        How will the roles change for customers, integrators, educators?

-        How does a younger workforce affect the industry culture?

-        And will the systems change in existing buildings over the next decade?

-        And have we managed to leverage AI in order to do things better, faster?

-        The systems in existing buildings, and possibly also in newly constructed buildings will most likely stay the same. But everything else might just be augmented using more modern tools, processes, business models, roles, and culture. And this will most likely drive change in the next decade. Fuelled by a context of energy efficiency, net-zero buildings, sustainability and a focus on well-being and productivity.

1All of this is what I would have talked about in Vegas. If I hadn’t had Covid just now and if the world wouldn’t be in turmoil. And is this the end of unexpected global events? Or just the beginning? The only thing we do know about the future is that it will be here whether we want it or not. But what do the future really consist of? What is it that will change if anything? And how can companies succeed in predicting the future? That is what I will talk a bit about.

How to win at Buzzword Bingo and to succeed in the age of AI

This session is for everyone who wants to understand the global drivers that affect any industry, who wants to de-mystify the buzz words, understand what goes on and to be able to control the future. The audience that will get most of the session might be decision makers, but also the engineers and master systems integrators and who need to manage risk and make the best decisions based on the available information.

Using one buzzword, to explain another buzzword… how can that be? Well, if you understand the meaning of both buzzwords, they just turn into words, tools, approaches, with certain capabilities, which put together will be the basis of how problems are solved in the future. Because that’s all there is. Remove the buzz, and the hype, and then you just have another tool in the toolbox.

There are a lot of companies today which don't necessarily understand how to sell, and some companies don't necessarily understand how to buy. This session is all about understanding how to get started with a dialogue, understanding how to manage risk and to make smarter decisions faster.

I think one of the most widely held misunderstandings of this topic is that the future will never arrive. We've got smartphones 14 years ago before that was a buzzword. And all the buzzwords that we have today, that we see today, they're going to be the smart phones at some point. Why not just go at it, leverage modern tools and technology to solve old problems?

Today. I believe that we have all the ingredients that we need. We have the systems, we have the standards, we have the people, but most of these things are distributed and fragmented. And it seems that we don't have the recipes. This topic will present a way for companies to create those recipes together and to be able to invite to innovate and to share knowledge on a global scale that will help the industry.

You can find a primer on Digital Twins and the Metaverse here if the present and future interests you. And if you want to create the future before everyone else? Reach out to me and we’ll make it happen!



Nicolas Waern
CEO & Founder at WINNIIO Consulting

Nicolas Waern is the CEO, Strategy & Innovation Leader, and a Digital Twin Implementation Specialist at the consulting firm WINNIIO. He is a firm believer that the Real Estate Industry needs more of a lifecycle focus where we need to go Beyond Buildings and come back with an understanding what tools and technology we could use. And to solve the jobs to be done, together, with an open mindset.

Nicolas is working with leaders in several industries to understand how they can succeed in the age of AI. Predicting what the world will do in a week, a month, a year from now and to best utilize strategies and solutions that pass the test of time. He does this through a Digitalization- on Demand approach for anyone that needs to change before they have to.

Nicolas is also a Podcast Creator & Newsletter Editor for Beyond Buildings
Thought Leader regarding Smart Buildings & Building Automation for AutomatedBuildings
Speaker and Influencer Event Streaming Platforms as the Holy Grail for Industry 4.0 Applications
Subject Matter Expert Real Estate Digitalization Proptech Digitalization Expert
Active Member of Digital Twin working groups Digital Twin Subject Matter Expert


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