Editorial - January / February 2004
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Editorial Comments by Ken Sinclair
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There were more that just Mickey and me at the AHR Expo - nearly 40,000 showed up to an excellent event run by the capable folks at International Expositions. There was a tremendous feeling of anticipation as rapid change was all around us.  The feeling was amazing!

I was extremely pleased to the moderator on the "Panel Discussion on XML related HVAC industry initiatives and views" at the XML Symposium. My panel of Extraordinary Gentleman did a great job of providing insight to the reach of this new data carrying vehicle. The significant of XML in our future was well defined at this exciting symposium attended by over 160 attendees.

I applaud CABA for bringing this timely subject to the ASHRAE winter meeting. This  confirms the ever expanding reach of ASHRAE. I was impressed with the industry's desire to use the capabilities of this new data transfer vehicle.

2004 is starting to look like the year of convergence in the buildings industry. Probably the most interesting and core piece is the realization that XML and Web Services (XML/WS) will be a unifying technology, a catalyst for convergence. Be sure to read my interview with Anto that provides insight to the XML Symposium.

Also see our oBIX FAQ and the article oBIXTM Evolves at AHR Expo by Randy Amborn, Trane.

Tremendous interest by the complete industry at the CABA XML/Web Services Committee meeting at the Hilton, Anaheim on Jan. 26, 2004. A general concern was expressed by all that the marketing message is clear that XML Web Services does not replace BACnet or Lon field bus networks only enhances both. Concerns were also raised about the standards organizations necessary to bring XML Web Services to an industry standard that could be accepted by our industry as well as the IT industry.

Our free industry sessions were also well attended with 100 to 160 per session. Dave Branson and I enjoy these sessions as they give us an opportunity to have open discussions with the industry. In several sessions it was very clear that the expertise was in the audience, but this only served to increase the value of these informal sessions.

Again we thank AHR Expo for the opportunity and for providing the arena to stage these sessions.

I have created a new page of Demonstrations & Presentations Available Online. The medium that we have evolved to of Browser Based Web Presentation can be effectively used to share information and demonstrate our industry's capabilities. As you view these linked demos imagine how you could use the demonstrated techniques to better explain your products and services.  Please feel free to share with us demos that have impressed you. While I am asking you to share with us, please provide your links for our industry's online resources of documented building intelligence.

Be sure to read my interview with Anto for more info and do plan to be in Anaheim to take in the XML Symposium and get involved in the movement.

What is oBIX?

oBIX stands of Open Building Information Xchange, and is an industry wide initiative to define XML and Web Services based mechanisms to present building systems related information on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet. For more information read the interview What is oBIX?

Lots of new global events; check out our Events Calendarsection to see how they will benefit you. As usual lots of great articles about your new way of doing business.

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