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Top 12 Issue Favourites - 2008
We thank you all as an industry for being our success in providing incredibly current content that is well read by our reinvented industry.

  Ken Sinclair
Editor, AutomatedBuildings.com

2008 saw a incredible variety of Building Automation topics covered. Provided below is a quick summary of the most requested or most downloaded Articles, Interviews, Columns, and Reviews for each month.

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Energy & Green dominate all of the favourites for the year as well as titles that include numbers which all speak to the rapidly evolving change that is now becoming the reinvention of the Building Automation Industry.

We are pleased that this list of 2008 favourites includes; The most read articles of the last Ten Years This is the comprehensive list of the last ten years of your favourite articles rated by most reads. The page is worth a quick view just to grasp the subject matter covered and depth and width of the data we as an industry have created.

We are the news and the connection to the community of change agents that are creating our present definition of smart, intelligent, integrated, connected, green, and converged large buildings. Our virtual magazine and web resource provides a searchable platform for discussion and exchange while creating opportunities for B2B for all new and existing stakeholders.

We thank you all as an industry for being our success in providing incredibly current content that is well read by our reinvented industry.

January's Favourites 
Eight Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2008
Out-of-the-Box Energy Monitoring
Short on I/O? Try This Out! 
Wireless Valve Actuators?

The Best of 2007

July's Favourites
Water Submetering: Wireless Systems

The BACnet Puzzle
ZigBee for Energy Management
The most read articles of the last ten years

February's Favourites 
The Energy Revolution is Here! 
The Virtual Building Operations Center
How Automated Are Our Green Buildings?

CABA and Eaton Corporation
Building Intelligence Tour

August's Favourites
Web-based, Self-Installing Systems
Anatomy of a Typical BAS
Growing Interest & Participation in Demand Response
Free Color HVAC System Graphics

March's Favourites 
Energy Reporting, Building Sensors & System Meters
Pushing Green into the Black
SOB - the Service Oriented Building
The Focus at Automated Logic
No! Itís not just a sensor! 

September's Favourites
An 8-Step Strategy To Making Existing Buildings Smart

Is DR Hype?
Facilities Management Solutions (FMS)
Differentiating an Intelligent Building
Day Lighting Control Resources

April's Favourites 
The Future of Automated Buildings 
Rent Seeking is Crippling Building System Markets
Convergence of Green & Intelligent Buildings Study
10 Qualities a Systems Integrator Should Have

October's Favourites
Wireless Sensor Networks Move Onto The Internet 
Building BACnet

Convergence of Green and Intelligent Buildings
Sneak Preview of Education Sessions AHR Expo Chicago

May's Favourites 
Open Source
Controls Estimating 101
Innovative Solutions to the Nationís Energy
Finalists for 2008 Buildy Awards

November's Favourites
EnergyEnergy  & Controls
The Three Little (BACnet) Pigs

Smart Grid-Interopers Gather in Atlanta
Scheduling in oBIX

June's Favourites 
My 10 Takeaways from ConnectivityWeek
Stop throwing it away Ė Energy Recycling
Open Source for Open Systems

ISA - New BAS Training Course

December's Favourites
2008 Digital Signage Year in Review
A Light at the End of the Wireless Tunnel
Advanced Integrated Lighting Controls
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