January 2009

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B2G Summit

 B2G Summit


What: The second B2G (Building-to-Grid) Summit will explore opportunities for HVAC/BAS industry from the work underway to develop a smart electric grid (Smart Grid).

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Date: Wednesday January 28, 2009 (during AHR Expo / ASHRAE Winter meeting).

Time: Noon - 5:00, with networking reception from 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Where: McCormick Place where AHR Expo is being held (see web site for exact room location).

Objectives: Provide a summary of the opportunities surrounding the interconnection between Smart Grid and Building Automation.

Who should attend:

  • Building Automation / Control Systems companies

  • Energy management professionals

  • Consultants and Engineers

  • Integrators and contractors

  • Large building owners and operator/managers

Topics covered:

  • What is the Smart Grid

  • How EISA (Energy Act) 2007 will drive opportunities

  • The fundamentals of Demand Response

  • Review current projects involving Building-to-Grid


contemporary The electric grid in North America and many parts of the world is undergoing significant investment in order to maintain capacity and reliability as well as addressing challenges from climate change and inclusion of new renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Estimates put this capital investment in the $900b+ range over the next 10 years.

It is now widely recognized that the future of the grid will require an information infrastructure to automate the system from generation through transmission, distribution and consuming devices (on the consumer side of the meter). Look at this as automation for the national grid, in many ways using similar technologies as building automation. The term for this development is “Smart Grid”

For Smart Grid to be effective, it must include deep integration with consuming systems such as building automation and control systems of HVAC and lighting in buildings. It is with this in mind that the B2G Working Group initiative was formed within NIST, who have been tasked by the U.S Congress under EISA 2007 to manage the development of interoperability standards for the Smart Grid.

The B2G Summit is being organized to bring together BAS/HVAC players and Smart grid leaders to discuss and understand how this interaction is going to evolve, and to uncover opportunities for BAS/HVAC companies to be involved with Smart Grid build-out.

Organized by: Clasma Events in partnership with U.S. DOE, GridWise Architecture Council and NIST

Registration Fee: $85 up to Jan/14, $95 up to Jan/26 and $105 on-site.

Web site: www.B2G-Summit.com

Contact: See contact page of web site.


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