January 2016

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“Fitbit® For Buildings”

What is the Top Industry Challenge and Opportunity for 2016? “Fitbit® for buildings” style technology will drive unparalleled performance for energy savings projections for projects!

Jack Mc GowanJack Mc Gowan, CEM
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Getting smart about Analytics and Big Data will be the top trend for 2016, and I believe becoming educated about this topic is a complimentary need.  In 2015 I contributed to serving the education need by publishing a new book called; “Energy and Analytics: Big Data and Building Technology Integration” on The Fairmont Press, www.fairmontpress.com/hardcopy-books/energy-and-analytics-big-data-and-building-technology-integration. Big Data and Building Technology IntegrationIn the book I talk about four drivers for Analytics; energy, fault diagnostics and detection, managing to key performance metrics / requirements and vendor management, with a major emphasis on energy. The evolving discipline of Analytics and the marketplace developing around a diverse and valuable array of products in this space could not come at a better time.  Utilizing these powerful software and hardware products enables truly optimal building management.

The Top Industry Opportunity for 2016 will be deployment of Big Data Energy Analytics to achieve wide-ranging benefits in buildings. Focusing on energy, there could not be a better time for this Analytics technology.  Big Data Energy Analytics will transform the discipline of Energy Management.  As exciting as this opportunity may be, the Top Industry Challenge for 2016 is learning about this technology so that you can make informed and effective decisions about how to leverage this technology.  To address this “learning-curve challenge”, I have worked with Jim Lee to develop a seminar for 2016 www.aeeprograms.com/Realtime/BigData/ that is being offered online through The Association of Energy Engineers.

AEE The Association of Energy EngineersThis seminar is based on my four decades of energy management and building technology experience at the forefront of technology and market trends in the industry, and the book referenced above.  To make the seminar even more exciting, I have enlisted the support of Jim Lee, CEO, Cimetrics Inc. as a partner in developing content and delivering the seminar.  Jim has been actively engaged in this business for decades, and can bring dramatic insight to Analytics best practices, as well as real world examples of the benefits and success stories. The seminar will be offered beginning on Feb. 8 or June 20, and will consist of four, two hour sessions starting on either date.  It treats the more exciting developments in the space including foundation technologies that are critical for success with analytics, such as; Building Automation, Web Services and Middleware.  [an error occurred while processing this directive] Leveraging these with Analytics can produce huge energy savings, and equally important can ensure that energy project fulfill expected results, kind of like a Fitbit® for your building.  Building professionals facing ever-increasing energy and operational costs, are sure to benefit from this thoroughly informative and detailed overview of these critical developments in energy management and engineering.  It will also be valuable for engineers, designers and any manager trying to make sense of, and select from, the myriad products, solutions and services available.   Interoperable building systems are an optimal source of data for Analytics, and the book provides an incomparable source guide on the techniques and approaches necessary to achieve this in buildings and campuses.  Also included is content on important trends affecting building Energy and Analytics including: Project Haystack and the Internet of Things.

“Fitbit® for buildings” style technology will drive unparalleled performance for energy savings projections for projects!

Visit the AEE link above for more details on registering for this seminar that will help you leverage the greatest opportunity for the coming year.


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