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Erik MasengEMAIL INTERVIEW –  Erik Maseng and Ken Sinclair

Erik Maseng,CEO,
ODIN Building Automation Systems, LLC

Founded, August 2015

Operator Display Integrated Network

ODIN is a SAAS solution for accessing and operating an HVAC building automation system (site) using the local LAN BACnet protocol with an internet connection.

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Sinclair:  What is ODIN, and how does it benefit the HVAC industry?

Maseng:  ODIN is an acronym for “Operator Display Integrated Network.” The elevator speech is, ODIN is a SAAS solution for accessing and operating an HVAC building automation system (site) using the local LAN BACnet protocol with an internet connection to the ODIN servers. Users can securely access the respective sites with any PC/MAC browser or ODIN App with any device, anywhere at any time without needing a 3rd party VPN.

The challenge for building systems managers is having the confidence that the HVAC systems are working properly and efficiently. ODIN’s remote access is always connected, with real-time instant updates. ODIN’s primary features include the ability to adjust set points, trend, alarm and schedule any BACnet object which gives the user a powerful tool to manage the system operation.       
ODIN is rich in features that benefit the users, including building owners, building managers, service technicians, and installing contractors. Because ODIN is a BACnet certified product BTL model B-OD, any and all equipment and control manufacturers products on a LAN that are BACnet certified can be integrated into a seamless interface in ODIN. ODIN is a complimentary product for BACnet systems and has been created to simplify a user’s operation of an often-complex automation interface.

Sinclair:  Can ODIN be used on an existing automation system and what size building will it operate on?

Maseng:  Yes, ODIN can be used on any new or existing BACnet system. ODIN is also scalable and useable on a small system of one device/object to a virtually unlimited number of devices/objects. Equipment and control manufacturers have been providing BACnet products and interfaces since the adoption of the BACnet standard by ASHRAE many years ago, so it is likely that an existing HVAC system can be accessed by ODIN. ODIN does not replace the BACnet products in a system but rather enhances the user’s ability to manage the systems.
Any user with authorized credentials can access multiple building sites at the same time. This means that an owner with multiple buildings or a dealer with multiple customer sites is seamless through the ODIN interface.

Sinclair:  How is ODIN deployed and maintained?

Maseng:  The ODIN product is installed and supported by authorized dealers. Typically, the ODIN software is downloaded to a site Windows PC or Server and connects to the ODIN cloud server automatically.  Once licensed, the site BACnet devices/objects are discovered. Groups are then created for the different areas and systems in the building. During discovery, any manufacturers intrinsic trend or schedule objects will be discovered and can be used in the ODIN groups. Otherwise, new trend, schedules and alarms can be created. One of the greatest benefits of using cloud services is that all updates and upgrades are instantaneous. This also lays the framework for continuous development and unlimited growth potential in functionality and performance.

Once a site is installed, the dealer can set up an owner administrator who can then easily make any changes or modifications to the site or create access levels for additional users.

Sinclair:  How can a building owner, contractor or design engineer get more information on ODIN?

Maseng:  Anyone can go to the ODIN website and get information including product brochures, design specifications, BACnet certificate or Request a Demo. Our tech support is also available for a chat or phone call.

About the Interviewee

Erik Maseng, CEO,
ODIN Building Automation Systems, LLC
2 Townsend West, Unit 2
Nashua, NH 03063
Office phone 844-304-6346

Also: President of Viking Controls, Inc., founded 1986-current

The development of the ODIN product is based on 42 years of control system experience and the recognition of the potential of the IoT impact on the building automation market.


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