March  2008

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The Use of Industrial Ethernet Requires Knowledge

Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager

Contemporary Controls’ Virtual Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) Offers Graduate Level Courses

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With the increasing migration of Ethernet on the plant floor and in building automation systems, comes the realization that knowledge is essential. Because of the rapid changes in this technology, the individual will need to learn more than the basic Ethernet principles.

Contemporary Controls’ IEU now offers its first graduate level course entitled Object Modeling a Physical BACnetŇ Device. “With the addition of this course and more in the future, the IEU participant will be better prepared for the working world of Ethernet,” says Sales Manager Joe Stasiek.

This material is very beneficial because knowledge of application protocols has become more important as modern networks are deployed. The latest protocols are all based upon Object Modeling which can be quite confusing to someone who is not familiar with this abstract concept. This course introduces object modeling, object properties, and services as they pertain to a physical BACnet/IP device. Although the majority of BACnet devices support the master-slave/token-passing (MS/TP) network, newer devices now function over Ethernet.

Nearly 2900 students are enrolled in IEU, studying all or some of the 20 courses as they relate to installations on machines and in factories. Students take tests to verify comprehension, and all material is based on the IEEE Std. 802.3 and relevant Request for Comments (RFCs). The information is vendor-neutral since the purpose of the virtual university is to educate the public for the benefit of the industry. In addition, students are able to explore more topics through 11 lectures on the site provided by industry experts. To sign up at no cost, anyone may visit the “campus” at

Stasiek says this site is an effective online learning resource. “With the feedback we receive from our graduates, we know IEU is helping all students who need better technical knowledge about networks in order to handle the day-to-day events of their job.”



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