March 2016

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Ken SinclairOur March issue is themed Project-Haystack Open for Mashing

Introducing Project-Haystack's new e-zine "Connections"

Haystack is an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things and is evolving as one of the preferred mash up tools for our industry.

We are extremely pleased that our contributing editor Therese has taken on the task of helping the Project-Haystack folks bring this e-zine to you as its Managing Editor. In the article below she states; "To say that the work being done by the Project-Haystack membership is trailblazing seems an understatement, so I’m going to compare it to the Lewis & Clark expedition."

Project-Haystack Connections E-zine Launches  New digital publication keeps communications for and about Project-Haystack adopters flowing and serves as a starter kit for any organization that wants to get on board. - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

We are extremely pleased to deliver to you Project-Haystack's new e-zine "Connections" as a supplement/insert to our March issue. We have been involved with the project from its inception and are proud and pleased to have the honor of helping present this first issue. This issue provides an amazing overview of the achievement and resource collection in place today.

In celebration of the first ever Connections magazine we have provided a March review entitled "How to Build a Haystack", which is a brief history of Project-Haystack chronologically documented.

Our March issue also speaks well to the rapid evolution now occurring in the Sedona community that is redefining open. These two communities are mashing and meshing well. In this review the history, the how, and why Sedona is leading a new generation of edge-devices that come tagged, preconfigured, and with a programmable control language.

In discussion with industry it has come to my attention that there are several new connection communities evolving.  Examples would be Linux, Intel, etc.

Also new IoT millennial kids are coming to our industry by discovery with products like The Raspberry Pi a series of credit card–sized single-board computers developed in England, by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intent to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools. Exciting times for sure.

Lots of other exciting articles, interviews and columns about how we are mashing with IoT. Large pieces of our industry are flowing together via the cloud and the new defined edge to create amazing services and low cost products that will propel our evolutions at a never before seen speed.

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Energy Analytics Controllers by BASSG - Bringing Analytics to the Edge.  These powerful edge devices come preconfigured with Apps for popular Buildings IoT workflows. They integrate a fast processor, on-board memory, flash storage and IP connectivity, open Sedona framework, plus Project-Haystack tagging. Real-time control, analytics and visuals will never be the same again. For more information:

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Editorial from Feb 2016

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