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Las Vegas @ AHRExpo Youtube. The Power of People an Industry Discussion Industry thought leaders in this panel discussion provided their views on productivity, occupant engagement, and comfort. If we only consider energy as the justification then we are missing the bigger issue – the impact on the building environment and ultimately people. Our fifth annual Connection Community Collaboratory. There is a great discussion about the ethics of what we are doing,  which came from the crowd and is part way through. That was not on anyone's agenda, but the panel did an excellent job of opening dialog.  I had not thought much about the ethics of the power of the people puzzle, Interesting. In the video, Brad points out the potential to widen the social justice gap with sociometric technologies.  Likely the subject of another discussion. This URL just across my desk from IBcon organizers

Many Fear Automation Will Wipe Out Jobs. But Automating Buildings Will Be a Jobs Creator- As more buildings begin to demand and pay for HVAC maintenance, there could be growth in the overall number of staff to support these new customers, even if automation and technology plays a role in the delivery of the outcomes. Job growth could occur even if individual buildings do not grow their existing facility management teams. 

Human beings as part of the Internet of Things   We are all struggling to develop mushy measurement methods for well-being, satisfaction, stress, innovation and contribution to corporate purpose. We now have the start of a feedback loop weaved around social media, video analytics, and smartphone interactions The future workplace will leverage advanced technology to understand, predict, and accommodate employees' preferences

Performance design aims to deliver sustainable buildings that optimize energy and water consumption, along with other metrics of building operation. Perhaps even more importantly, Performance Designer Amarpreet Sethi believes performance design must also deliver buildings that enhance productivity, attentiveness, and the well-being of users within the space.

Creative technologists preaching high-quality light as a convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and healthy lifestyle choice. They sold the idea of light, not lighting.   IoT day is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to participate in an event, host a hackathon, or just share a beer/coffee with a friend or fellow collaborator focused around the IoT and its implications.  Let's get into #IoTday this year You will have fun and you and your people assets will learn lots

BACnet Educational Sessions - The BACnet International-hosted education track was standing room only!  Copies of the presentations are available on the BACnet International site here.  Each BACnet session was videotaped and those recordings will be available on the BACnet International website in March. We will notify BACnet International members once these are made available online.

The Connected Contractor I am very pleased to be asked to help kick off the launch of a new newsletter called The Connected Contractor. The title conjures thoughts of a contractor who provides connections to the latest trends.

Sedona Framework is an open control technology designed to assist system integrators in quickly implementing IP-based building automation programs. Using a drag-and-drop programming methodology, components are interconnected onto a wire sheet and configured to create applications.  Originally developed by Tridium, the technology is now championed by a dedicated Sedona community of developers and integrators striving to make Sedona an open control language free of licenses and available to all.  This session provides a quick introduction to the Sedona language; an overview of the free programming tool; experiences from a systems integrator implementing common HVAC applications; and plans for a Sedona Alliance. Moderator; Ken Sinclair Founder, Owner, Publisher PDF of Power Point presentation

IoT encompasses a wide range of embedded, network, and cloud systems where the value is unlocked by the data gathered from sensor and edge devices that can be used by gateways, cloud applications, and analytics to drive significant value. However, communication is not as simple as one protocol, one service, one language. And the connectivity is multi-dimensional involving data transfer, authentication/security, and manageability from application to sensor. Join us as IoT industry experts pick an application and break down the communications requirements and methods for secure, manageable, and efficient operation.

Will ASHRAE’s 2016 90.1 Increase the Demand for DDC Controls?
ASHRAE’s standard 90.1’s goal to progressively reduce building energy usage has resulted in the steady introduction of additional requirements to each new version of the standard.  In more-recent versions, added requirements for the use of DDC controls along with the use of control sequences such as economizers (air and water-side, and most recently, with “self-diagnostic” capabilities), optimum start, demand-controlled ventilation, reset of duct/pipe pressure setpoints for variable volume systems, single zone AHU’s and the fan-powered sections of VAV boxes can no longer be constant volume, etc.

Building energy Management System eLearning Courses. Over the last 3 years Optimised Buildings have optimised HVAC / BeMS up and down the country and have recognised that there is a lack of understanding of how BeMS should operate in commercial buildings. As a result end users are paying the price in rising energy bills. The FM’s are typically responsible for 75-80% of the total energy being consumed in commercial buildings, with 40-50% of this being managed through the BeMS. To address this, we have developed a series of eLearning courses to help educate maintenance and FM teams around understanding, operating and optimising BeMS.

Everything's Changing: 3 Reasons Why the Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy Management Go Hand-In-Hand - As more devices come online, everyone and everything is contributing to more data on the needs of society on both an individual and community level. Consequently, energy management and the IoT are two sides of the same coin, and you need to understand why.

PEOPLE POWER – TIPS ON HOW TO DELIVER AN OCCUPANT ENGAGEMENT SOLUTION IN GREEN BUILDINGS -A desire by organisations to demonstrate to staff, students, customers and other stakeholders that they walk the talk; that they have an ongoing and demonstrable commitment to sustainability and to the wellbeing of the people that use their buildings.

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Reliable Controls Ken Sinclair ‏@Ken_Sinclair  @ahrexpo Power points & summary free education sessions AHRExpo Vegas

Google's Data-Driven Building Operations  Today's real estate and facilities professionals face many challenges as they prepare for the workplace of the future. They must address new innovative technologies – from mobile, cloud, analytics, cyber and the IoT to artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality and robotic automation – that are reshaping the way we will operate, manage and use our real estate assets. Realcomm connected with Darrell Smith, Director of Central Facilities Operations for Google, who is one of the corporate leaders who must help his organization navigate these emerging technology trends.

Has BMS Got a future in the IOT Published on February 19, 2017 Mark Davenport CEO at Smart Buildings Ltd  With the emergence of Super Computers and open Source software the BMS market is going to drastically reduce in the next 3 years. The BMS Hardware manufactures can not produce equipment that can compete with the likes of the Raspberry PI, Arduino and C.H.I.P. The value will be in software and integration of the Smart devices.

Events2HVAC is the simple solution - a bridge between room schedules and HVAC schedules. Automated synchronization produces significant energy and labor savings, maximizing the value of your building automation system investment.

BACnet is arguably the predominant communication protocol used in so-called building automation and control (BAC) networks. The network platform is used in data delivery between building automation systems (BAS) such as networked lighting systems and building management systems (BMS)/energy management systems (EMS) for monitoring, control, and analytics. This fully open protocol was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) with the first publication in 1995. While BACnet is utilized far more today in applications such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) as opposed to lighting, the protocol can serve in solid-state lighting (SSL) applications. Let's discuss BACnet technology in detail and consider how it might be used in conjunction with networked smart lighting as we move to the Internet of Things (IoT) era.


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