May 2008

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Efficient Human Convergence for Realizing ROI
One of the most efficient ways for humans to converge when required to implement and maintain new facility and energy solutions is to have strong adaptable integrated tools and processes increasing productivity and limiting the need for any human converge.

   Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson
Founder, Managing Director

In today’s complex facility operating ecosystems there are many hurdles in converting potential savings into actual financial impact. The ability to now converge previously unique building systems and equipment together along with IT networks and even with enterprise applications is unlocking a great deal of potential for greater efficiencies. This technology enablement, which has now been proven to work, with the accompanying financial and sustainability potential is requiring and motivating external vendors and internal departments with diverse skill sets to converge more so than envisioned and what they have previously done in the past in order to realize the potential that is being promoted. The effort involved in that convergence is often underestimated and can lead to delays in scaling a solution.

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It is my belief that this human and organizational interoperability required to efficiently occur to realize what we are all promising on a scalable level is a bigger challenge than the technology convergence. There are tools and approaches which focus on this challenge. They have strong customization abilities to fit existing processes and procedures to reduce learning curves, justify faster decisions, and help ensure that the benefits being achieved are not offset by the cost of bureaucracy to fully realize them. One of the most efficient ways for humans to converge when required to implement and maintain new facility and energy solutions is to have strong adaptable integrated tools and processes increasing productivity and limiting the need for any human converge.

In the upcoming BuilConn event in California, I have the opportunity to provide my viewpoints on Wednesday in a session called “The Whole picture from Enterprise to Experience”, which will focus on this point of how there are now many organizations, departments, and individuals with diverse responsibilities that are involved in the operations of buildings. I will introduce in the session the wide range of possible various parties and interests involved with a focus on the different tools and integration philosophies being implemented in the market to efficiently converge these new parties that are now involved in order to reach scale and realize the promised value proposition. The session includes a panel representing some of these diverse organizations including Cisco, so I am looking forward to the discussion on the current state of enterprise convergence relating to facilities and energy, existing challenges, and opinions on solutions moving forward.

Reliable Controls On Thursday, I am on a panel in a session titled “ROI of Enterprise Building Management”, which is a great parlay from the Wednesday session. The session will focus on solutions that incorporate a true and deep integration into the corporate enterprise infrastructure and encompass the management of multiple facilities typically geographically dispersed. My presentation will focus on examples and factors crucial to realizing a continuous sustainable return on investment. I will also introduce business models where benefits can be larger than costs continuously thus further reducing risk in implementing these solutions. This session will include a panel of solution representatives and very experienced individuals that I am honored to join who have been realizing attractive ROI especially when the management of many dispersed facilities are involved.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Santa Clara!

About the Author

Brian Thompson is a founder and current managing director of SENSUS M.I. The Sensus core business is advanced Fault Detection Diagnostic and Impact (FDDI) solutions for HVAC and refrigeration equipment targeted at OEMs, service organizations, facility managers, and facility maintenance companies. Sensus has developed unique plug n play connectivity solutions utilizing the internet, XML, web services, and wireless mesh, that do not require onsite IT department involvement, cabling, or software installation. This has allowed integration of FDDI analysis with equipment, control, and software applications.

Brian has experienced the needs of the commercial HVAC industry through a tenure with a large global HVAC-R manufacturer beginning in the states in a global joint venture development position. He then spent 5 years in a regional EMEA role based out of Italy where he was on the board of directors for Indian and Greek HVAC companies. Brian has been active in the transformation taking place in the industry where pure manufacturing or control companies are becoming highly focused on offering more complete solutions and systems that often include equipment, controls, software, integration, and long term service. Before this experience, Brian worked for a building industry supplier, where he lived in China participating in the startup of a greenfield manufacturing and distribution facility. Brian also lived in the Philippines working in the Asian sales and marketing offices.

Brian is a reciprocate of the Entrepreneurial Kluener Award from Xavier University in Cincinnati OH, where he graduated Cum Laude. He also spent time studying in Brussels at Vesalius College with a focus on the European Union.


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