May 2009

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Green Building Control Solutions
….Sure to keep you in the Black!

Trevor Palmer,
Marketing Manager

Viconics Electronics, for years has been providing our customer base with innovative solutions, which move to ease installation and commissioning and lower “total installation costs” sharing the savings with our partners. Strong product base, communication ability through adopting all standard automation protocols, and our new wireless – ZigBee based control product line provides building owners, controls professionals, consulting engineers with a new choice for automating new or existing facilities with unprecedented ease.

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Control Solutions, Inc

With energy costs on the rise, and new initiatives by utilities and governments alike to award energy savings, and provide environmental recognition, the push to supply retro-friendly control solutions has never been larger.

Viconics has once again risen to the challenge and created a host of new Green building solutions which will assist in creating new opportunity, project standardization for terminal equipment all at a cost which provides superior ROI when compared to conventional building controls.

Owners of existing buildings or property development companies can now enjoy a standard control platform for a variety of terminal equipment prevalent in today’s buildings. Reduce service and operational costs, lower initial investment and provide centralized control features and lower energy costs without the support infrastructure or upfront costs. Compatibility with standard protocols equals flexibility in network – and a standard predictable operation, which eliminates cost. Wireless network offering eliminates the need to install a communication infrastructure and the costly renovations, which may accompany – lowering total network installation and commissioning.

Control Solutions, Inc Utilities in the past decade are struggling to keep up with demand. New technologies are being deployed, including many of our Wireless-ZigBee products to assist in lower demand of peak energy usage and monitor remote assets.

Consulting engineers will enjoy a host of new products designed to reduce costs through the engineering proposal phase through project commissioning and delivery to the owner. The Viconics product line can also assist in procuring “Green” recognition of better engineering practices through the specification of unique features like onboard local motion detection, or the ability to provide lower cost – most used automation features at a intermediate pricing level.

Controls professionals with our product now have a complimentary line of terminal control products, which will create opportunity within the existing building market with our Wireless-ZigBee product. Hotels, strip malls, national accounts are filled with disparate “stand-alone” type control products which until now have required comprehensive retrofit with the associated renovation costs. A simple product change-out with little infrastructure modifications is now all that is required to provide exceptional temperature control, energy reduction and centralized monitoring – the “most used” automation features.

Green building control solutions….sure to put you in the black, colors synonymous with our Logo, our customers and the industry.



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