May 2009

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Invitation to the Open Automated
Demand Response Collaborative Workshop

Demand Response Research Center at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

If you are involved in Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing, we would like to invite you to a workshop at the Connectivity Week Conference. 

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We are in the process of forming an outreach collaborative to foster effective deployment of Dynamic Pricing, Demand Response and Grid Reliability by facilitating and accelerating the adoption of Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR). 

While a good foundation of technical work has been completed in developing, testing, and deploying OpenADR there is much more to be done to facilitate its wide spread adoption. 

The Outreach Collaborative will include building owners, industry, academic, and government stakeholders, and its mission is to create information, education, and outreach mechanisms to facilitate and accelerate the use of OpenADR for Dynamic Pricing, DR and Grid Reliability. The goal is to make the Collaborative open and inclusive to the following stakeholders: 

  • Utilities and Independent System Operators that develop and offer Dynamic Pricing, Demand Response tariffs and programs.

  • Control vendors that build energy management, controls, and automation systems for facilities.

  • System integrators that install and program automation systems.

  • Technical coordinators that manage the deployment of OpenADR to facilities on behalf of Utilities/ISO’s.

  • Building owners, facility operators and energy managers who manage facilities, control systems, and utility bills.

  • Auditors and energy engineers who foster participation in Demand Response programs and tariffs.

  • Aggregators or curtailment service providers.

  • Utility IT companies that offer software and services.

  • Government regulators and policy analysts that evaluate open standards and technology.

  • Researchers

By participating in the workshop you can ensure that your ideas are heard in these formative stages. To stay informed about this workshop and to register please email 

The OpenADR specification was developed by the Demand Response Research Center at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Additional information is available at the following links:



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