May 2009

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Anto Budiardjo President & CEO, 
Clasma Events Inc.

The first YoungEnergy panel discussion is planned for ConnectivityWeek June 8-11 in Santa Clara.

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The YoungEnergy Network is an initiative to bring students and young professionals into the development of smart energy and the Smart Grid.

The are hundreds if not thousands of college and youth based environment and energy grassroots groups around the world, made up of the next generation that care immensely about the state of the environment and motivated to make a difference in the world.

Working as part of the Clinton Global Initiative, Clasma Events made a commitment to initiative a dialog between these youth groups and the industry involved in energy and Smart Grid. The YoungEnergy Network is the manifestation of this commitment, launched at the CGI U meeting in Austin February 2009.

As part of this commitment, YoungEnergy Network will provide grants to a number of YoungEnergy members to attend and be involved in key Smart Grid events such as ConnectivityWeek. There are two key objectives for this initiative:

Firstly, to bring the voice of the youth to the conversation about the future of energy, in the context of buildings, the Smart Grid and other areas such as homes and transportation. It has become clear that the energy industry is made up mainly of more mature professionals, and the systems and buildings that are being developed are, significantly, for the next generation. Is it not sensible to listen to the eventual customers, owners and occupants of buildings and users of energy?

Secondly, it is important that students and the next generation understand the enormous opportunities in the convergence of energy and information technology. This is a compelling combination, and one that will drive the future of energy and information systems. The younger generation needs to seriously consider energy as a key career path.

As part of these objectives, some of the grant recipients will be asked to be part of a plenary panel at ConnectivityWeek. Plenaries at ConnectivityWeek are always interesting; this is likely to take it into a completely new dimension.

The panel discussion will be a moderated conversation between 4-5 YoungEnergy members, discussion what they see as the future of energy, how they think something like the Smart Grid should be developed and how industries such as building automation should design the future facilities that they will occupy in years to come.

More information about YoungEnergy can be found at

For information on ConnectivityWeek, visit



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