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Preview of May 24-27 ConnectivityWeek 2010 Santa Clara

  Ken Sinclair Editor

Lots of excitement surrounding the buildup to ConnectivityWeek and I have tried to capture and connect you to the points of interest for our industry. Last year my first takaway for the ConnectivityWeek event was the presence and the power of Young Energy folks.  This year we have a new group Introducing YoungEnergy @ ConnectivityWeek 2010

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We have several articles and interviews in our May issue from the following folks who you can meet and listen to at ConnectivityWeek.  Here is a preview of what is on their minds.

Anto provides a great overview in his Finding the Answer This quote sets the scene

It is a realization that BAS needs to change to a new  business proposition, one that leverages great technology now available, creates significant opportunities in greening buildings, and turns buildings into virtual power plants that add value to owners, power utilities, society at large, and of course, the BAS industry.

Thought Leaders to Converge at ConnectivityWeek  Barry Haaser
This four-day event provides a unique opportunity for building owners, operators, facility managers, systems integrators and suppliers to learn about the key trends, technologies and solutions driving the BAS industry

Contextual data in a Enterprise EMS  Lisa Varga
"A true Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system encompasses all areas of business operations that have direct and measurable impact on the energy budget."

RCx and Ongoing Commissioning Harry Sim
Enabling Retro-Commissioning and Ongoing Commissioning for Legacy HVAC Systems

Energy Management Solutions Gus Ezcurra
View energy and resource consumption in real-time to modify the energy usage from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

I am very pleased to be track leader for Recreating BAS for Energy Management

Which will address the interoperability of legacy and new control systems to harnessing Internet and cloud computing applications to reduce costs and improve remote management, BAS is much more than a building manager’s control system. The track will review the synergies between the Smart Grid and intelligently controlled buildings, new technologies and applications that improve energy efficiencies, and the challenges that become tomorrow’s business opportunities.

I am extremely honored to have my panelist made up from the senior execs from Siemens, HW, Schneider and Cisco all speaking to realization that BAS needs to change to a new  business proposition.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] First session -  Building Automation Systems Get a Smart Grid Makeover May 25 at 10:30am to 12:00pm

The BAS industry always had its appeal to facilities managers, but now it’s getting attention in the C-level executive offices. What is driving this increased attention in and re-creation of our industry? How does the Smart Grid factor in to the surge in interest in BAS technologies and applications? Can the BAS industry really unlock billions of dollars in our anemic economy? This panel of IT and BAS leaders will discuss technology, market, and economic drivers that are making energy-efficient buildings a topic that combines the sizzle with the steak.

Panelist includes:
Phil Davis, Schneider Electric
Jeremy Eaton, Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions
Christoph Vogel, Siemens Industry, Inc
John Petze, Cisco Systems

For a preview of Panelist John Petze Comments:

Second session - A New Energy Management Landscape May 25 at 1:30pm to 3:00pm is headed by Jim Lee Cimetrics

The Department of Energy’s most recent Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey revealed that much commercial building floor space lacks even basic thermostat adjustments to reduce energy use during periods of non-occupancy. This session will review BAS projects that are addressing this situation by using technologies such as the Internet and Automated Continuous Commissioning (ACC) to deliver energy efficiency improvements and other paybacks. New modeling techniques have emerged to create models that predict performance and you’ll learn how these tools are applied by building managers to improve building operations and understand the new BAS landscape.

The panelist includes:
Lisa Varga, Phoenix Energy Technologies see May interview Contextual Data in a Enterprise EMS
Harry Sim, Cypress Envirosystems see May interview RCx and Ongoing Commissioning
Gus Ezcurra, Advanced Telemetry see May interview Energy Management Solutions
Anno Scholten, SeeFar Consulting

Third session - Business Opportunities for BAS May 25 at 3:30pm to 5:00pm is moderated by Jack Mc Gowan Energy Control Inc.

Energy-efficiency and management upgrades to existing commercial building stock holds enormous potential for companies in the next few years. Why? One reason is the building labeling programs that calculate and rate building energy performance. Building labeling will push many owners to invest in controls for lighting, security, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plus more monitoring and sensing technologies to enable remote management. This session will identify promising business opportunities along with the risks and contingencies to success. 

The panelist includes:
Ron Bernstein, LONMARK International
Jeff Kegley, Tridium, Inc.
Steve Shwayka, EMCOR Service/Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.
Jay Garbarino, Delta Controls


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