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Convergence and Collaboration from Cloud Data is our theme for our May issue. It has never been clearer that the true convergence and anywhere collaboration that we all seek will be found in a cloud. The marriage of social media as data and its embedded human opinion will seamlessly mesh with real time data, shoulder to shoulder in large databases in a concept now being billed as Big Data or Data as a Service “DaaS”.  To move to DaaS means that data—not applications—leads. That’s a significant shift in thinking.  We need to adjust our focus to making sure our clients leverage data in the best ways possible to foster innovation. For more insight into Big Data and DaaS take a look at the stuff falling off my desk.

We are now an industry of data generators whose task is to convert invisible real time data to standards that provide a pipeline to DaaS. The visualization of all this data is
we are now an industry of data generators whose task is to convert invisible real time data to standards that provide a pipeline to DaaS. The visualization of all this data is necessary both under and in the cloud depending on the audience.

From Toby's column last month comes this wisdom; "Buildings have long struggled with big data. They are not designed for storing or to processing too much. System instructions regularly warn to minimize trend reports. Product from a number of leading makers of environmental controls struggle with monitoring just a small portion of the buildings on the UNC campus. Building systems houses all aim at cloud-based analytics in their next release, but each that I have seen struggles with pushing information to the cloud. I have watched very fast networks struggling to handle data collection from a 100 buildings, and watched data edifices crack under the hundreds of gigabytes they produce each week."

As the May issue goes online I will be at the Niagara Summit in Las Vegas interviewing industry experts in the below sessions.

It’s All About Open.  Open has driven the industry over the last decade and will continue to drive it. Open standards, open protocols, open architecture and open web. Open enables the industry to create value-added applications and solutions. Through an open forum, this session explores the latest in how open is affecting our industry today and how it will in the future.

Visualization, can you afford to do without it?  Visualization and displaying data and information have come a long way. Today end users look to visualization to help operate and understand how their facilities are performing or not performing. No more is visualization considered a maybe, but now it plays a very important part in operating high performance buildings. This panel explores the latest trends and provides a look at some of the latest visualization tools and how they are being used.

I am sure I will learn lots from these industry experts; one being our newest sponsor.

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Also welcome Strato Automation Strato Automation is a BACnet DDC control Canadian manufacturer looking for new Authorized Dealers ‘’AUDEA’’ in Ontario and the north side of the U.S.A.

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