May 2016

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Ken SinclairMay "Our Open IoT Centric Future"

The times they are a changing with the transfer of ownership of our two largest Canadian independent control companies Delta Controls & DISTECH plus European LOYTEC Electronics GmbH and Australian Daintree Networks. That is a lot of global change happening in the last few months.

All the companies have strong presences and are leaders using open protocols while working towards IoT Centric solutions see the linked press releases.

The purchase of our advertiser Distech by Acuity Brands, a North American market leader and one of the world's leading providers of lighting solutions, and the purchase of networked building startup Daintree Networks by GE shows the powerful directional shift to the lighting industry with new financial clout.

The times they are a changing rapidly, I have seen the light, rendered in controllable color connected to Open and IoT is the direction of our future.

We just returned from the San Diego Light Fair and CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum, both events were great eye openers depicting our need to adapt to Our Open IoT Centric Future now.

I have written a quick review of the Light Fair event but you will be reading about the observed changes for months to come in our online magazine.  Amazing control of the new source LED lighting is evolving rapidly, and equals and in some areas even exceeds what our open BACnet industry has achieved. The new ability of color control is sexy and provides a strong link to personal preferences and increased productivity and an amazing ability to display products and all our interfacing tasks.

The LEDs are capable of much more than just providing light and color.  These devices allow low cost, low voltage integration moving sensing and powerful control to the device level at the edge, with low cost sensors for powerful day lighting control, dimming with color shift, occupancy sensing leading to occupancy Geo-Mapping. Low cost networking via Wi-Fi using either Zigbee or "6LoWPAN" an acronym of IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks.

Change is everywhere. The shift from chasing the $3 to chasing the $300 in the equation $3 per square foot for energy $30 for rental $300 for the people in the space was very obvious at both Light Fair and the CABA event. The smaller CABA event was powerful and I look forward to sharing with you in our June issue as presentations become available.

As always this new issue is a source of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey to "Our Open IoT Centric Future".

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Editorial from April 2016

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