May 2020

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Anto BudiardjoEMAIL INTERVIEWAnto Budiardjo and Ken Sinclair

 Anto Budiardjo
"Facility IT Evangelist"

Monday Live!     Monday Live!

          The urgency of the moment requires us to be agile, this group put together Monday Live! in about a week. 

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Ken Sinclair:  It was great to be part of Monday Live!, tell me more about this initiative?

Anto Budiardjo:  Thanks Ken, when the COVID lockdown started a few weeks back, in a desperate desire to talk with many of our mutual colleagues, I started a weekly chat on Zoom. Over the weeks, this turned into a discussion about how the industry is doing during this pandemic and what commercial buildings will look like post-COVID. So, we decided to create this weekly public conversation to be held Mondays at 3 pm EST. Information is at

Ken Sinclair:  So, this came about in short order then?

Anto Budiardjo:  Yes, the urgency of the moment requires us to be agile, this group put together Monday Live! in about a week. What we need today is innovation, new and bold thinking, and experimenting with things. Fire, shoot, aim mentality is how we have to think to get through this.

Ken Sinclair:  Today’s topic was the future of healthy buildings, will there be a different topic each week?

Anto Budiardjo:  The group feels that the conversations would best be conducted around a key topic each week, where we can also invite guests like Rick LeBlanc who wrote an article about healthy buildings on your site. Not sure what future topics will be, issues such as analytics, remote management, jobs, and others have been discussed. The group would welcome ideas of topics, please speak up during the Monday sessions.

Ken Sinclair:  How are we capturing these conversations?

Anto Budiardjo:  The session is recorded and is now available on the Monday Live! YouTube channel at this link. Please subscribe to the channel to get updates as and when we hold new sessions. The group is also discussing how to coordinate the resources (URLs, white papers, presentations, etc.) that are mentioned during the sessions. More on that to come.

Ken Sinclair:  You mention inviting guests, tell me more about that?

Anto Budiardjo:  Most likely, guests will supplement the group’s areas of expertise on topics that we choose, but we are open to suggestions. The bottom line is that we’re looking at valuable conversations to help the industry get through the pandemic and try and figure out the future of commercial buildings post-COVID.

Ken Sinclair:  Is there a Twitter conversation on this?

Anto Budiardjo:  Yes, we hope so, we’re using #mondaylive to tag all the tweets.

Ken Sinclair:  The weekly cadence of Monday Live! complements the monthly editions of

Anto Budiardjo:  Yes, I agree, Ken, the pace of the pandemic is such that I do feel a weekly conversation is needed simply to keep us up to date with the thinking and realities of how we’re going to get past this and make sure buildings are sensitive to the needs of however society comes through this. Thanks for your support.


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