May 2021

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Project Haystack Marks 10 Years

2021 marks ten years since the beginning of Project Haystack. Wow, ten years. Who would have thought?

John Petze

Executive Director Project Haystack

Marc Petock

Executive Secretary Project Haystack


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2021 marks ten years since the beginning of Project Haystack. Wow, ten years. Who would have thought?

Celebrating a 10-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement in itself. No individual can take the credit for the success of Project Haystack. It is a celebration for everyone who has been a part of the movement through all these years.

Any organization’s growth and accomplishments depend on people. For Project Haystack, that is a community of volunteers that devote their time and effort to addressing one of the key challenges in achieving the promise of the IoT and the goals of sustainable, intelligent, efficient built environment. Our community is not afraid to welcome diverse viewpoints, rethink technology based on new learnings and requirements, and to change. It takes a remarkable community. And the Haystack community is no less than remarkable.

As we celebrate Haystack’s 10-year anniversary, we want to thank the global community—our founding members, associate members and the independent contributors for their commitment and effort. Thank you to the curators of the methodology; thank you to the multitude of working groups; thank you to the industry manufacturers who have made it part of their technology and solutions; thank you to the integrators who have utilized Haystack in well over 30,000 facilities; thank you to the owners, operators, facility managers and government organizations who are using Haystack in the daily operations of their buildings and IoT deployments. 

We are very excited to see what the future will bring. Here's to the next 10!

At the time of this writing, we are busy putting the final touches on the first ever virtual Haystack Connect. The response to this year’s event has been incredible. We currently have 565 registrants, 26 sponsors and 30 amazing presentations which you will find listed below. Thank you to the many individuals and organization contributing to the conference. We can’t wait to see you all May 4-6!


·       Welcome & Opening Remarks: John Petze, Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack

·       Keynote Address: Steve Holzer, Principal, HolzerTime

·       State of the Union for Haystack 4: Brian Frank, Technical Lead, Project Haystack



·       Recognizing Haystack Permanence – What’s the Next Step?: Matt Schwartz, Associate Principal, Altura Associates

·       Haystack Benefits in the K-12 Education Market: Jamie Lee, Product Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc, and Andrew Hill, Director of Sales, Resolute Building Intelligence

·       Increasing Interoperability with Clockworks Analytics Information Model: Nick Gayeski, Chief Executive Officer, Clockworks Analytics, and Dennis Krieger, Director of Partner Success, Clockworks Analytics

·       Haystack in Practice - Success Story for Coster Group: Alex Rohweder, Chief Executive Officer, J2 Innovations; Matteo Pierone, Global Strategy Head and EMEA Professional Services Director, J2 Innovations; Davide Manca, R&D Manager, Coster Group; and Fabio Antoci, R&D Engineer, Coster Group

·       Haystack as Part of the Solution to Climate Change: Omar Tabba, Vice President, Products & Solutions, BrainBox AI

·       Ontology Alignment Project: Jon Schoenfeld, Director of Energy and Analytics, Buildings IOT

·       Applying Haystack 4 in a Residential Analytics and Control Application: Adam Wallen, Training Lead, SkyFoundry

·       Analysis of Tagged Energy Data Via Machine Learning: Jan Širokı, Head of Research Department, Energocentrum PLUS

·       Making Data Work for You – How Does Haystack Help to Ease Concerns?: Jamie Lee, Product Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc




·       Developer’s View of Haystack 4: Brian Frank, Technical Lead, Project Haystack

·       Haystack Core TypeScript Library: Jason Briggs, Chief Technology Officer, J2 Innovations, and Gareth Johnson, Senior Cloud Architect, J2 innovations

·       Haxall – A New Haystack Open Source Framework: Brian Frank, CEO and Founder, SkyFoundry

·       Dynamic Integration in Digital Twins: Anto Budiardjo, CEO, Padi, Inc.

·       Haystack in TwinWorX Digital Twins Solution: Eugene Woo, Chief Technology Officer

·       Applying Haystack Tagging to Variable Refrigeration Systems: Yuya Saito, Associate, Innovation Program, Daikin Open Innovation Lab Silicon Valley (DSV)

·       WG#798 Haystack JSON Encoding: Gareth Johnson, Senior Cloud Architect, J2 innovations, and Radu Racariu, Senior Programmer, J2 Innovations

·       Haystack Labs: Prototyping Data Validation with Functional Point Groups and SHACL: Cory Mosiman, Software Engineer, PassiveLogic

·       Tridium’s Haystack Tag Dictionary: Eric Anderson, Niagara Software Engineer, Tridium

·       Haystack Tagging for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Jaap Balvers, Team Lead Building Analytics, BAM Energy Systems

·       Haystack+MQTT+Sparkplug: Richard McElhinney, Chief Software Architect, Conserve It



·       Working Integration of a Connection Profile Broker Using Padi: Anto Budiardjo, CEO, Padi, Inc.

·       How Can I Learn How to Use Project Haystack Tags?: Emma Eynon, Director, Fantom Factory

·       Simplifying Implementation of Haystack: Philippe Prados, Data Scientist / Architect, OCTO Technology

·       MicroBMS Demo Including Edge2Cloud Connectivity: Scott Muench, Vice President of Customer Experience, J2 Innovations, and Jeremy Wolfe, Vice President Sales Americas, J2 Innovations

·       Automated Tagging: Jean-Simon Venne, Co-Founder and CTO, BrainBox AI

·       A Guide to StackHub: Steve Eynon, CEO, StackHub

·       Edgy Haystack: Alper Üzmezler, Managing Partner, BAS Services & Graphics, LLC


For more information on Project Haystack visit or for more information on Haystack Connect, including full schedule details, go to


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