November 2014

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Required Reading For Connection Community Collaboration Meeting Chicago

This meeting will be fast moving and expects attendees to have an understanding of the evolving connection communities' needs.

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The Third annual Connection Communities Collaboration Meeting with the listed below industry thought leaders will be held at AHRExpo 2015 Chicago January 27, 1:30 pm.

Theme is "Our Connection Community and the Internet of Things"

For insight to meeting and speakers and the evolving agenda log into the CCC LinkedIn group.

Note: Louis-Nicolas Hamer is not able to attend and Jim O'Callaghan (President EnOcean Inc.) will step in.

This meeting is designed to be fast moving and expects the attendees to have a basic understanding of the evolving connection communities' needs. Below is a list of required reading from our presenting thought leaders to allow you to get on the same page as them.

We have limited our leaders' thoughts to five minute after which I will as moderator ask a few questions for clarity and then request input from our panel of thought leaders. Then on to the next thought leader's five minute presentation. 

No power points will be allowed or demos of their thoughts only old school face-to-face collaborating.

It will be a rapid moving meeting that will collaborate today's thoughts and quickly identify the work and resources of the various connection communities.

To help make sense of what is being discussed, here is a list of required reading from each of our thought leaders.

Andy McMillan Innovative Business Leader meeting Thought Leader LinkedIn Profile

The New Math in BAS Of course, all of this is just an interesting speculation unless the industry equation really does change.
So we have to ask ourselves, “How likely is it, really?  ”

Is POE DOA in BAS?  I believe companies need to move quickly to keep up with the accelerating change in the BAS industry

Marc Petock Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring, Inc., meeting Thought Leader  LinkedIn Profile

The Value of the Collaborative Community Collaboration simply means to work together with a shared vision and desired outcome for the future.

I’ll Have IoT with That Please  IoT is emerging as the third wave in the evolution of intelligent buildings. - Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Cyber Security Points That Need to be Part of the Conversation

State of the Union- Intelligent Buildings  Today’s building automation and operational technology offers a strong foundation for the future and is essential for conducting business.

John Petze Partner at SkyFoundry meeting Thought Leader  LinkedIn Profie

Will speak to Creating Business Value from the Data Produced by the IoT

Haystack Connect 2015   Smart Data. Smart Devices. Smart Buildings. Smart Business.

Paul Oswald President Environmental Systems, Inc (ESI)  our intergration thought leader LinkedIn Profile

contemporary I have asked Paul to join us and bring the subject of one of our other education session to this group ‘”Addressing The Skills Gap created by IoT”  Very pleased to have any of you come to this session.  Jim Sinopoli will be part of this important session for the industry.

Addressing The Skills Gap It’s time we as industry begin to focus our efforts on investing in the people necessary to properly apply all the great technology we have in order to deliver quality solutions that provide real value to end users.

Jim O'Callaghan (President, EnOcean Inc.) is our wireless thought leader LinkedIn Profile

Jim is the President of EnOcean Inc. based in Salt Lake City and is very much up to speed on building automation, installation issues (including remote commissioning / management), LEDs / controllers, autonomous systems and the industry / IoT in general. 

Can wireless building automation contribute to an IoT?  EnOcean has been active for more than 10 years in what is now popularly called the IoT. - Jim O’Callaghan, President of EnOcean Inc.


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