November 2018

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Use Customer Engagement to Sell

The art of Vlogging by customers promotes your products for you

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With the invention of social media, we all know that the craft of marketing products or services, has had to dramatically change.  Things like Google Reviews, and videos are now extremely powerful tools that can be used to increase the level of customer engagement with your brand.

This article is going to examine the art of Vlogging, or video blogging.  Vlogging is a way of marketing or promoting products and services through the use of making video stories and promoting them online. This movement came out of the adoption of YouTube.  Many millennials do not even watch television anymore; they get all of their information and entertainment through YouTube and video streaming services.

What this means to corporations wanting to sell products, or services, that they need to start advertising on these platforms.  Now everyone has their own opinion regarding paid advertising.  Personally I always worry about my return on investment, and how I grow a customer base organically (investing little money to promote my services, or investing in people to promote my services).

One of the most interesting ways that marketers do these days are look for individuals to use their products and have them make videos showing them using the products.  Marketers will scour Instagram and Facebook looking for posts that have hashtags (#) with their product name in it.  As an example, if I decide to adopt the Keto diet I might want to make videos of my diet plan and my weight loss progression and post them on Instagram and Facebook.  When I make this post, I would include the hashtag #ketodiet.  What this does is alerts the Keto Diet social media that they have been mentioned in a post. Once that happens the Social Media Manager for the Keto Diet would normally “Like” the post, and repost it on their site, or share the post with all of the Keto Diet’s followers.

What Marketers and Social Media Managers are doing now, are engaging with individuals who post videos and offer to send them new products to beta test through making promotional videos and posting them as a Vlog.

This is called viral marketing, and it is extremely effective in building band awareness.   It gives marketers the ability to access a Vloggers network and expose them to new products and services through the Vlogger.  The Vlogger is a trusted influencer to their network, and lets the Vlogger do the selling for them. 

Case Study LucyCase Study- LucyVMakeup
This is Lucy, and she works for my company as a Vlogger/Blogger.  You can check out her corner of our blog at . She is a self-taught individual who learned the skills to shoot and digitally edit videos that are based on demonstrating beauty products and makeup techniques.

Her videos were well accepted by the public because of the high-quality editing, and good beauty techniques.  She also learned how to properly use trending hashtags (#) and her videos have been reshared by two global cosmetic companies.

She is now looking at a career in Social Media Management with us at the Project.

The take away from the case study above is that the two cosmetic companies leveraged Lucy’s videos as product testimonials made by “real people”. Nothing speaks louder to potential customers, and customers, then seeing someone use the products that they want to use.  Lucy’s videos validated that the products she used were targeted for women in her demographic which is (18-35 years of age).

The cosmetic companies win by having the testimonial Vlogs posted on their website / social media pages. The Vlogger wins by having an increase of their online status. This is a good thing for the Vlogger as it may lead to being sent regular free products to test, and it may also lead to employment with the company.

Any company can leverage bloggers and vloggers to get online testimonials and videos about the use of their products. The Vloggers creating the videos are already passionate about your company’s products. Why not leverage their passion to help you sell and market your products.


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