October 2005

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GridWise - What is it?  a council? a conference? a convention? a constitution?

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The Reason

  • The GridWise Architecture Council was created in 2004 following the August, 2003 Northeast Blackout and in response to Congress and the Department of Energy’s call for a next-generation electric system.

  • This Architecture Council brings the advancements occurring in information technology to electric system operations by establishing broad industry consensus in support of the technical principles that enable the interoperability necessary to transform electric power operations into a system that enhances our socio-economic well-being and security, while optimizing energy cost.

  • The Conference purpose is to discuss and ratify an Interoperability Constitution that states the fundamental principles that will facilitate the interoperation of intelligent demand-side or customer resources (load, storage, distributed generation) with supply side electric system generation and transmission over the coming decades

The Event

  • Electricity is critical to the US economy and yet the reliability is at risk. This event will ratify a constitution to define reliability and energy efficiency for the Electric Grid for 30 years

  • Focal point for expansion of Clean energy, high wage jobs in the Energy sector

  • The outcome will have a huge impact on energy cost and energy reliability

  • The outcome will transform the electricity business and help reduce the need to spend $450 billion on power plants to meet a 40% increase projected in electricity demand by 2025

Reliable Controls The Initiative

Who will be there?

The Benefit

More info see our editorial.


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