October 2017

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New BAS Developments

 – Exciting or Good Marketing?

Ira Goldschmidt

Ira Goldschmidt, P.E., LEEDŽAP
Engineering Consultant,
Goldschmidt Engineering Solutions

Contributing Editor

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Engineered Systems 
October Issue - BAS Column

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There are some interesting new BAS technology developments that manufacturers are touting on their websites.  This is welcome news since BAS advances in the recent past have mainly been about web-server operator interfaces and interoperability. 

Web servers have now become the defacto approach to the operator interface, and the products continue to improve their ease-of-use across a wider-variety of devices besides PCs.  Interoperability continues on a path of providing more functionality and becoming easier to implement across a greater variety of BASs and other types of systems.  However, neither of these advances have made BASs easier to install and use overall, and, more importantly, substantively better at improving building comfort & energy efficiency. 

Are there any new developments that may actually improve the control that BAS’s provide while also decreasing installer and operator efforts?

What Makes a BAS Development Exciting?
BAS R&D has long focused on flexibility given the wide variety of applications involved.  This has made systems harder to install and use.  BAS manufacturers now need to focus on developments that simplify the installation/operation needed for improved comfort and energy-efficiency.  This requires the use of AI and “Big Data” advances that have already revolutionized other industries. 

Revolutionary BAS developments would include configuration tools that anticipate (e.g., pattern match) the project’s database and programming, self-document the programming, include data analytics (which can then perhaps even make self-corrections) and create the data relationships that are needed to support the features.

The BAS industry has not yet shown a full-out commitment to these types of revolutionary developments, so I am looking for “exciting” hints that they are going in this direction even those that seem only to make a system a bit easier to install.

Control Solutions, Inc What Are Some Exciting New BAS Developments?

Final Word
The BAS industry has a bevy of technological advances to draw from that could allow for revolutionary changes in their systems.  Are the above the first glimpse of these changes or are they merely exercises in checking off convenient marketing boxes?


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