September 2008

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DR-Expo Comes To Ontario

The new OPA DR3 program has created significant financial opportunities for Ontario’s commercial and industrial participants.

  Peter Kelly-Detwiler is senior vice president of energy technology services for Constellation NewEnergy, a leading competitive supplier for commercial and industrial customers. He can be reached at

Rob Reale is director, demand response at Constellation NewEnergy. He can be reached at

Demand response is gaining increased recognition as an innovative solution to help address our growing energy needs. Across North America, demand response programs are providing financial rewards to large electricity customers who commit to curtailing their electricity usage during times of peak demand. These various demand response programs are widely valued as an alternative to bringing costly peaking plants on line and a meaningful way to help meet the growing energy needs of Ontario.

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The DR-Expo, hosted by Clasma Events and sponsored by Constellation NewEnergy, is the first conference and expo of its kind to focus on how to implement demand response in commercial and industrial facilities. Now, hosting its third gathering in less than one year, the DR-Expo is coming to Ontario. It will take place October 6 and -7, 2008 at the Sheraton Center in Toronto, Ontario. Building owners, facility and energy managers, BAS integrators and contractors, and DR aggregators will all gather for this important two-day conference.

The DR-Expo is particularly relevant to the BAS community and Ontario’s largest electricity customers, as the region is experiencing significant economic growth and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) recently launched the OPA DR3 program. The new OPA DR3 program has created significant financial opportunities for Ontario’s commercial and industrial participants. As with those programs developed in ISO regions throughout the United States, Ontario’s demand response program is designed to help prevent potential blackouts on the hottest or coldest days of the year.

Reliable Controls The OPA is also charged with developing an Integrated Power System Plan, which outlines the necessary steps for a continued and reliable electricity supply for the region over the next twenty years. As part of the plan, the OPA is seeking a 6,300 megawatts (MW) reduction in peak demand by 2025. An interim peak reduction target is 1,350 MW by 2010. Demand side management, which includes the DR3 program, is a key component to region’s long-term energy outlook.

For commercial and industrial customers still considering the benefits of enrolling in the DR3 program, as well as the BAS providers who are interested in helping their customers access this resource, DR-Expo is an important educational opportunity. Attendees will learn how demand response is gaining momentum across North America and particularly in Ontario, and increase their understanding concerning the potential benefits to participating commercial and industrial electricity customers. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to implement demand response directly from ISO and DR providers, as well as receive an introduction into the complete technology picture of DR implementations. Further, participants will also have the opportunity to listen and learn from experts in the field, who have developed processes and best practices that allow facility mangers to leverage existing building automation systems, apply advanced controls and load-shaping strategies, as well as respond to volatile energy markets and opportunities.

DR is a smart and efficient way to create the virtual peaking plants of the future. With the OPA seeking to enlist the assistance of commercial and industrial customers in achieving a reduction of 1,350 MWs in peak electricity demand by 2010, the DR-Expo is an event not to be missed! More information can be found at


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