September 2008

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Day Lighting Control Resources

  Ken Sinclair

Some daylight Control Resources worth sharing that crossed my desk this month.

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From Rachel Reiss Buckley Director, Efficiency Services, E Source

We're delighted to let you know that we recently updated the PIER technical brief titled "Sweet SPOT™ for Daylighting" (TB-18). The latest release of the Sensor Placement and Optimization Tool (SPOT™) software, version 4.0—which won the Most Innovative Product of the Year award at the 2008 LightFair International Trade Show and Conference—adds a number of capabilities, including a database of information about photosensor performance. In addition, the latest software version produces commissioning reports for each photosensor system in use for field implementation and enables users to feed the SPOT™ output into a whole-building energy analysis.

Last months interview Daylighting in Demand Response Situations. J. David Wilson.


Plus this from Lighting Control & Design
Free Engineering Assistance!

Let’s say you’re designing a lighting control system and the client wants something like daylighting with skylights. Maybe you’ve done this a hundred times and can draw the plans while juggling hamsters with your eyes shut. But maybe not, and you could use some help. Where do you start?

contemporary 1. Do a Little Browsing

Our website is a great place to start. We take ideas from our most innovative projects and post them online for you to steal! To name a few:

2. Get With an LC&D Engineer - Live Chat!

Lucky for you, our engineers design hundreds of systems a month (eyes shut, hamsters juggled) and are here to help. We’re even launching a new chat feature for improved communication and speedy file transfers. Go to the Engineering Assistance button on our home page to get immediate answers to your questions and make your design phase go quickly and smoothly. Think about it: Your very own lighting engineer at your beck and call, ready to answer your questions in real time when you need them answered.


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