September 2009

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Pneumatic Energy Savings Control
Wireless on off auto pneumatic switching control

George Fincher
President - Sales and Marketing
Energy Controls Co.

What does the Wizard of Oz and the Strawman have in common with pneumatic thermostats?

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Pneumatic controls have proven their ability to control, but they have no brains. Not having individual on-off control can lead to a considerable amount of energy waste. When you leave an area you can turn off the lights but you can not shut off the pneumatic thermostat. The PESC-F100 is like a wireless light switch that turns the pneumatic thermostat off or on. We use the basic energy management strategy, the time tested energy-saving sequence called, Turn It Off!

PESC-F100The PESC-F100 is a wireless pneumatic switching device. This simple device can be installed in the ceiling in 15 minutes by an apprentice. Along with the energy savings, it communicates valuable information wirelessly back to the building operator’s computer. This enables them to diagnose and monitor their HVAC thermostatically controlled zones. The device simply shuts off the Heating/Air-conditioning or it allows the existing pneumatic thermostat to control like it has for years. If the facility decides to take out the existing pneumatic system and upgrade to an all electric system, it will accept a module adaption and will be compatible with future upgrades.

At the Air-Conditioning and Heating International Convention in Chicago, it was estimated that there are 32 million pneumatic thermostats in operation today. Through the use of a more efficient means of automatic thermostat control there is potential for some $1.6 billion in energy savings per year. Energy Controls Company introduced the control at the convention to the movers and shakers and brains of the industry. Their acceptance and praise has motivated us to move forward with the PESC-F100.

This device is an alternative to costly digital control system (DDC) retrofits of pneumatic systems which can cost $2000 or more per thermostatic zone.

We utilize energy harvesting technology by EnOcean to power the module and wireless, send/receive module by another giant in the industry, Atmel Corporation. Both modules provide power and control to the three way switching valves that turn off and on the control air to the end devices. These devices are usually existing pneumatic valves or damper actuators.

The server that is used for communication is The Wizard and is produced by BlueAir Engineering. It receives the wireless communications and can integrate easily with existing building automation systems, or it can be used as a stand-alone control. It also works with both BACnet and Lonworks interfaces.

Estimated installation cost for the owner of the facility is $500 per thermostatic zone with an average payback of one year. There can be additional savings from reduced maintenance diagnostics and monitoring capabilities.

In a typical VAV application, a wireless room sensor is usually mounted next to the existing pneumatic thermostat. The PESC-F100 is located in the ceiling and can easily monitor CFM airflow and Supply Air, which are two very important features to the building operator. Without means to monitor and store the values, a technician is required to visit the area using a ladder and devices to measure the supply air temperature. Device historical data logs also provide valuable information about the systems past performance. This data collection and storage capability feature saves thousands of dollars of labor costs each year. A picture is worth 1000 words; please see the following link


Zone Temperatures

contemporary The PESC-F100 control saves energy a number of ways similar to an existing DDC energy management automation system.

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