September 2009

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Bringing BIG building automation to the small building market

Today’s new building owners have more sophisticated needs and wants. They are looking for big building automation features for their “mid-market” facilities.

Trevor Palmer
Trevor Palmer
Director of Marketing / International Sales

Providing open automation for the commercial “mid-market” (buildings 100,000 sq. ft. or less) has always proven to be a challenge. The building control market traditionally has been flooded with products geared to the upper-end of the marketplace and as a result leaves this portion of the market relatively underserved.

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Typical ZoneThe building system market has changed rapidly over the past several years. The driving force for existing building retrofits is equipment life; service or replacement of existing systems but more importantly includes energy savings, technology and ROI. Today’s new building owners have more sophisticated needs and wants. They are looking for big building automation features for their “mid-market” facilities. Traditional solution providers have been left offering these customers with either hybrid or scaled down big-building automation products. These are delivered at high costs with limited scalability, low features and little future expandability.

Providing cost-effective automation has been a challenge for the consultant and systems integrator. Real estate for mid-market buildings represents about 75% of the total within North America. With buildings consuming 40% of the available energy bringing energy efficiency to this market is of great importance from both a social and economic perspective.

Viconics products have always targeted this area of the market. Tailoring entire product ranges, which fit well in large, open automation systems, but even better in small to mid-sized buildings. This allows for big building automation features and services to be integrated to smaller facilities avoiding much of the cost associated with (programming, wiring etc). The VT7000 series communicating thermostats have also become an important part of the national account “box-store” market, allowing leading automation suppliers to provide multi-location connectivity at a fraction of the cost of traditional control solutions.

Our latest addition to the product line is the VBZS fully scalable native BACnet pressure dependent zoning system. This system is also designed to work seamlessly with leading BACnet supervisory systems. The VBZS provides all of the features of big building offerings but eliminates most of the tools, programming, and associated complexity during system commissioning. The system is designed for those familiar with programmable thermostat installations. Based entirely on BACnet interoperable building blocks and services, integration is as simple as a native system controller.

Simplicity, scalability, and interoperability are the basis for the VBZS product line, allowing for design-build mechanical and electrical professionals to deploy this product along side or separate from their equipment product lines.

Whether you have an existing system in need of renovation, or a new facility the VBZS provides a lower initial total cost solution.

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