September 2015

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Trevor Palmer

EMAIL INTERVIEWTrevor Palmer and Ken Sinclair

Trevor Palmer, Vice President, Products & Marketing, Distech Controls

Connecting for the Internet of Things Building
An event brought to you by Distech Controls, Acuity Brands, CABA and Periscope

“This event series is about creating an atmosphere that promotes going above and beyond the ordinary, to bring smart, profound change to the industry,” said Trevor Palmer, Distech Controls’ Vice President, Products & Marketing. “As we embark on the journey towards converged BMS, this event will explore the ways in which one can leverage their IT infrastructure and benefit from convergence now and in the future.”

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Sinclair What is the “Connecting for the Internet of Things Building” event series?
Palmer:  The “Connecting for the Internet of Things Building” conferences unite the best and the brightest to share high-value content, ranging from industry best-practices to technology highlights and ideas for stimulating creative and visionary thinking related to your Internet of Things Building – connect, converse and share.
Sinclair Where will these events be held?
Palmer:  The Connecting for the Internet of Things Building series is set to take place in seven major North American cities, including Toronto (September 15), Chicago (September 17), Boston (October 6), New York (October 8), San Francisco (October 15), Washington D.C. (October 20), and Atlanta (October 27). 
Sinclair Who is presenting content?

Palmer:  All of the “Connecting for the Internet of Things Building” presentations are being custom built for this event. These include presentations from Distech Controls, Acuity Brands, CABA, Periscope and the participation of local System Integrators. 
Sinclair Who should attend one of these events?

Palmer:  The event series is custom-designed for building owners, property managers, architects, and consulting engineers on the lookout for leading solutions.
Sinclair What are some of the topics covered during the series?

Palmer:  The “Connecting for the Internet of Things Building” conferences will take participants on a journey through the evolution of Intelligent Buildings. Our speakers will provide tangible examples as to the impact of the IoT on infrastructure and user experiences, and discuss ideas for new revenue streams. In addition, local System Integrators will offer concrete examples of IoT applications for building owners.
Sinclair Why an event focused on the Internet of Things Building, and why now?

Palmer:  The Internet of Things is not only about the next generation of Building Management Systems, but of buildings in general. Educational conferences like the “Connecting for the Internet of Things Building” are incredibly valuable, as they provide much needed insight into the changing relationship between buildings, owners, and occupants.
Reliable Controls Sinclair How does Distech Controls contribute to the Internet of Things Building?

Palmer:  Distech Controls develops leading products and solutions that enable, both now and in the future, the technology needed for the Internet of Things Building. With our ECLYPSE Connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series, ENVYSION responsive, web-based design and visualization interface, and mobile apps, Building Management Systems can now leverage and converge with the IT infrastructure, resulting in reduced costs and improved performance. Distech Controls’ commitment to open standards, combined with the ECLYPSE connectivity platform, readies buildings for the future, and supports continually evolving technology.

Sinclair Where should I go for additional information?

Palmer:  Those interested in learning more about these events, or who would like to register to attend, are invited to visit:


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