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Internet Direct Digital Control 

A Guide to Distributed Building Automation 

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Instructed by our Contributing Editor  
John J. “Jack” McGowan, CEM, CDSM, CLEP, CCP
Energy Control Inc. (505) 890-2888 Email:

John J. “Jack” McGowanOur newest courses will provide an overview of Direct Digital Control, while introducing the key concept of Internet Digital Control. This seminar is designed to compliment the Direct Digital control text from Fairmont Press, and add up to date information on the impact of the Internet on Building Automation.  The core class will encompass this 486-page reference has 21 chapters detailing direct digital control specification and operations including user training and financing options for any type of building. The text is loaded with practical tips for successful building automation decision-making, the handbook guides the reader in insuring that the building will fulfill both present and future operational demands. It also includes a Chapter by our Editor, Ken Sinclair. Topics covered include distributed direct digital control, networking and integrating automated buildings, strategies for DDC system project success, project financing, guidelines for conducting a building control survey, recent technology developments, sequence of operation considerations, equipment and zone level DDC control, hand-held and central operator interface, DDC specification and procurement guidelines, DDC system management, operator training, and case studies for both industrial and commercial DDC installations.  The Seminar Coursebook will also add several new topics including Web Browser Interface to DDC systems, Digital Energy Dashboards and System Integration. 

The table of contents for the book is outlined below.

  1. Distributed Direct Digital Control & Effective Building Operation

  2. Why Automate Buildings: Using Networked DDC as a Management Tool 

  3. Integrated Automated Buildings 

  4. Energy 2001: A View of DDC in the Future 

  5. Ensuring Successful DDC System Projects

  6. Developing a Strategic DDC Plan 

  7. Conducting a Building Control Survey 

  8. State-of-the-Art Direct Digital Control 

  9. Building Wide Sequence of Operation 

  10. Equipment Level DDC Control 

  11. Zone Level DDC Control 

  12. Communication & Networking with Distributed DDC Systems 

  13. DDC Operator Interface: Hand Held & Central

  14. Financing Energy Saving DDC & Other Retrofits 

  15. Specifying Building Automation Systems: Graphic Display 

  16. Procurement Practices for High Performance DDC Systems 

  17. Managing DDC Systems for Results 

  18. DDC System Operator Training 

  19. DDC Industrial Facility Case Study 

  20. DDC Commercial Building Case Study 

  21. DDC New Application Case Study

About your seminar developer

John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, CLEP, CDSM is an Author and Vice President of Energy Control Inc., an Energy Service Company and System Integrator. Mc Gowan has worked on numerous multi-million dollar projects in every capacity from design through financing as an end user and ESCO. He was named 1997 "International Energy Professional of the Year" by the Association of Energy Engineers. Mc Gowan is listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, in the Second (1994 - 1995) and Third (1996 - 1997) Edition, Marquis / Reed Publishing. Mc Gowan published five books including Distributed DDC, A Guide to Building Automation, Fairmont Press / Prentice Hall, 1995 and Networking For Building Automation & Control Systems, Fairmont Press / Prentice Hall, 1991. He has published 100+ articles and technical papers, and taught Seminars on DDC in the United States and Southeast. Mc Gowan sits on the Energy User News Technical Advisory Board and is a Contributing Editor with

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