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Internet Digital Control

A Guide to Building Automation Online™

 John J. “Jack” Mc Gowan, CEM

Learn to optimize Facility Management and Reduce Operating Cost with this comprehensive seminar on Direct Digital Control And Internet-enabled System Integration

Managers are demanding real-time tools to manage the results of energy technology investments targeted at cutting operating costs and positioning businesses to weather economic downturns. Real-time Building System Integration is the defining principle for future of energy management, and owners can reap the benefits that this technology offers.

Latest Generation Training
Complete in-depth technical program in four 2 hour sessions

The Seminar provides a primer on Direct Digital Controls for Building Automation plus a complete tutorial on hardware, software and Internet enabled energy and automation services that managers must understand.  It provides an overview of trends and essential knowledge to evaluate Internet-based energy offerings, and assess the value of Internet-based features that are used to promote Energy, HVAC, Building Automation and Open System products. This seminar covers critical data to assist in using Internet -based building control technology as part of a management tool for full-scale system integration.

Building Automation, Internet-based Energy Services and Information Technology are converging. Internet-enabled energy offerings and product features are overwhelming owners, users and engineers. Lines that have traditionally separated technology sectors are blurring because of; 

Owners and specifiers will gain critical information to make buying decisions in the Internet-enabled Digital Control marketplace. The Instructors' articles and recurring Column in Energy User News and have been called "must reads" for the industry. This seminar expands on these to make it the definitive requirement for professionals who want to learn about such trends as control system convergence, DDC open systems and Internet-based Application Service Providers (ASPs). The lines are blurring between traditionally stand-alone industries including Information Technology, Energy/ Utility sales and Building Automation.

Target Attendees? 

    Building Owners and Managers Customers considering Energy Service Projects
    Energy Managers  Performance Contracting Professionals
    Utility Managers Performance Assurance or M&V Managers 
    Consulting Engineers Energy Engineers and Consultants 
    Energy Service Company Engineers Corporate Energy Managers

Internet Digital Control 
A Guide to Building Automation Online™

John J. Mc Gowan, CEM, CDSM, CLEP, CCP


Introduction to Internet Direct Digital Control 
    Seminar Overview    
Internet Digital Control™ / Building Automaton Online™ Introduction 
    Seminar Requirements and Assignments

Internet Digital Control™ 
    Why network Automation Buildings? 
    Effective Building Automation 
    What is the value of Internet Digital Control™ 
    Core requirements for Understanding Internet Digital Control™

Building Automation Basics 
    Developing a Strategic DDC Plan 
    Conducting a Building Control Survey

Expanding Direct Digital Control Sequences
Integrated Automated Buildings 
    Introduction State-of-the-Art Direct Digital Control

contemporary SESSION 2 

Introduction to Operator Interface 
    Personal Computer

Web-browser for Automation Interface 
    Personal Computer Requirements and User Interface 
    Building System Operations 
    Remote Communication and Network Management 
    Digital Cockpits for Interface between Automation and other systems

Building Wide Sequence of Operations

Building Automation System Technology Part One 
    Equipment Controllers 
    Firmware Sequence of Operation 
    HVAC, Temperature Control and Building wide functions


Building Automation System Technology Part Two 
    Zone Controllers 
    Firmware Sequence of Operation

Expanded System Functions and Integration 
    Integration and Interoperability 
    Fire, Life Safety, Security and Access 
    Industrial Process and other System Interface

Communication & Networking with Distributed DDC Systems 
    A Core Requirement for Internet Digital Control™ 
    Data Communication, Messaging and Common Topologies 
    Protocol Compliance

Automation System Standards 
    BACnetTM Overview 
    LONTM Products Overview


Specifying DDC Open Systems 
    Specifying Network Standards for Automation 
    Procurement Practices for High Performance DDC 
    Integration of Automation Networks 
    Enterprise and Web-based Integration

Internet Digital Control SystemTM Overview
    Internet Terminology and TCP/IP Architecture 
    Data Formats and Public Vs. Private IP Addresses 
    VPN's, other networks and Internet Access

Internet Tools and Automation System Offerings 
    Virtual Tool Overview and Business to Business 
    Virtual Energy Management Tools: Real time and Dynamic Internet features 
    Traditional Automation and Expanded Integration 
    Web-hosted Applications and Other systems

Real-time Energy Dashboard ™ for Automation and Enterprise Energy Management

Trends for Internet Digital ControlTM Systems

Appendix A. JOHN J. "JACK" Mc GOWAN, CEM

John J. Mc Gowan, CEM, Seminar Developer Biography


Vice President Energy Control Inc.

Mr. Mc Gowan is Vice President of Energy Control Inc. (ECI), an Energy Service Company and System Integrator specializing in value-based real-time services including performance contracting for public and private organizations. ECI has a Continuous Digital Control (CDC) strategy that merges traditional energy automation with Business to Business (B2B) solutions to integrate multiple systems via the Internet. This allows customers to make decisions with real-time dynamic information from a many sources to optimize facility and business management.

During his 20 year career in Industry and Government, Mc Gowan has been with:

Mc Gowan published five books and 100+ articles on business and technical topics, including: 

Mc Gowan sits on the Technical Advisory Board of Energy User News and publishes a regular column in that journal called Energy Online, is Contributing Editor of the E-Zine for and is Associate Editor of Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment. He was named "International Energy Professional of The Year" in 1997 by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and has been listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Millennium Edition & 1994-1995, 1996-1997 editions, Marquis / Reed Publishing.

Mc Gowan is: 


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