April 2015
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Realcomm Education Program Announced!

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7 Tracks — 30+ Sessions
Attend Realcomm 2015 to keep up with the latest technology and innovations specific to the commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate industry. Hear domain experts on topics such as Cybersecurity, Data Mining & Predictive Analytics, Document Management, Outsourced Fund Accounting, Digital War Rooms, Automated Lease Management, Talent Wars, Cloud 3.0 and much more!

Our extensive education program is designed to give you the business perspective & technology tools you need to positively impact your bottom line!
Pre-Conference Events
Information Systems & Smart Buildings CYBERSECURITY Forum 
High profile breaches (Home Depot, Anthem Blue Cross, Sony) make the headlines and reports of targeted attacks on treasury operations, denial of service attacks and ransomware penetration into corporate networks are now commonplace in the daily news cycle. This focused, fast-paced forum will bring together the most important topics and the brightest minds to begin a discussion on a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for real estate information systems and smart, connected, high-performance and intelligent buildings.   
12th Annual CIO Roundtable - Invitation Only 
This by invitation event has become the premier meeting for commercial real estate CIOs around the globe. Our goal is to provide a venue where those responsible for technology and automation decisions in commercial, corporate and institutional real estate organizations can hear from leading speakers, discuss the most pertinent issues of the day and network with their peers. This event provides an opportunity each year to reset the benchmarks for IT-related issues for the industry.   

COO|CFO|CAO Innovation Summit
This pre-conference event will provide the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer a forum to discuss, debate and identify industry opportunities and challenges, as well garner a better understanding of the strategic implications technology has on the management of their portfolios, information systems, smart buildings and next gen space. It will also foster a community of peers and likeminded individuals to network, exchange information and share best practices.   
SUSTAINABILITY Executive Smart Building Symposium 
Sustainability Executives have a big responsibility. They are required to develop business practices that are not damaging to the earth, respect natural resources and produce a result that reflects long-term sustainability. This symposium was designed for Sustainability Executives who are interested in smart buildings and are ready to explore the many powerful tools and opportunities technology, automation and innovation can provide to aid them in reaching their buildings, campuses and large portfolios sustainability goals.       
Education Tracks & Sessions

The Big Picture
There are many moving parts that comprise an information management strategy. Hardware, software, data, organizational alignment, staff and many more must be considered. Understanding the strategic direction of our solution providers, anticipating big trends, owning vs. renting automation platforms, and mastering prevalent practices are all topics covered in this informative track.

Real Estate Automation 3.0 
Over the last 30 years, we have moved from PCs to servers to cloud and from fundamental applications (such as property management) to comprehensive and complex enterprise platforms. Just about every possible process has been automated, and in some cases, integrated into an overall automation strategy. This track will explore the latest automation innovations, address the biggest questions and trends that will influence the next generation, and present new ideas for our industry.   

Big Data – Big Insight 
The relevance of “big data’ continues to grow and expand as data, information and related insight are at the core of our ongoing strategies for success. Today, as we receive more data from new sources and the analysis tools become more sophisticated, a concerted plan for how to control big data becomes crucial. This track will take a hard look at big data and the latest best practices and trends.

Technology is necessary and innovation is exciting, but people are the compelling part of the equation. Our industry, among others, is facing a critical juncture when technology, automation and innovation are modifying the traditional organizational chart and culture. This track will focus on topics such as aligning with the organization, innovation cultures and other people-centered issues.   

Major Paradigms – SMAC 
In the history of computing, we have seen a number of concepts come and go. Mainframes led to mini-computers to distributed PCs and servers and then we moved up into the cloud. Changing paradigms are important because they have the potential to affect every aspect of an IT strategy. This track will cover Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), discuss the ways they have influenced the computing world, and forecast significant trends for each one.

Smart Building Tech Innovation Showcase 
There are many components that make up the ecosystem of a smart building. In addition to traditional building automation components like HVAC, lighting and security, new technologies to automate different aspects of a building such as water, digital signage, fire/life/safety, meters, conveyance systems, landscaping, parking, vending machines and more are becoming part of the comprehensive smart building strategy. This track will showcase these exciting new concepts.   

Real Estate Investment Management 
Investment and fund managers use a variety of technologies, from DCF to lease management. There are considerable nuances that differentiate the CRM used by fund and investor managers from that of the property manager or commercial broker. From data and analytics, portals and performance measurement tools, to fund level reporting, debt management and investor reporting, this track will explore successful strategies presented by industry leaders who have created and implemented them.
Smart Buildings Best Practice Showcase 
IBcon presents the 3rd Annual Next Generation, Smart, Connected, High-Performance, Energy Efficient, Intelligent Buildings Showcase
PlantPROCORE Join us for this super-session to explore 50 of the world’s most progressive and successful implementations of smart buildings, portfolios and campuses. These projects represent the next generation of open, interoperable, integrated and IP-centric buildings. In this interactive showcase setting, attendees will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives for each project who will share both their challenges and successes and address energy conservation, operational efficiency, enhanced occupant experience, sustainability achievement and financial optimization.

View Complete Realcomm Program Details.
View Complete IBcon Program Details.   

Final Call for Presentations!
Interested in being part of the Realcomm program this year?
If you are an experienced speaker on the topic of technology for the commercial, corporate, government or institutional real estate industry, and have a story to share on using technology, innovation and automation, then we want to hear from you! We’re weeks away from the speaker submittal deadline of April 15, so don’t delay. For questions or more information, contact:

Howard Berger Program Director, hberger@realcomm.com.


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