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Gain Knowledge of Contemporary Controls’ Sedona Application Editor (SAE) With SAE Videos

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Contemporary Controls has produced three videos to help you better understand the functionality of SAE.  The SAE allows for graphical development of control applications for Sedona devices such as Contemporary Controls’ BAScontrol20, 22 and BASremote, along with Sedona devices from other manufacturers.  SAE is available free for download from Contemporary Controls’ website. Included with the download is a Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) that runs on your PC.  This is a Sedona simulator that can be used to experience the simplicity of developing Sedona applications with SAE without first needing to purchase a Sedona controller.

A Sedona device is defined as having a Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) of which Contemporary Controls has developed a series of BACnet/IP Sedona Unitary Controllers in its BAScontrol and BASremote series.  These freely-programmable controllers can now be programmed with SAE instead of Niagara Workbench.  Those with experience with Niagara Framework will have no problem understanding Sedona Framework.  For those without Niagara experience, the graphical representation of components linked on a wire sheet to create applications is easy to understand with minimum training.  SAE has less complexity than Workbench, which makes Sedona editing easier to use.  SAE also provides features that improve upon the Sedona application editing when compared to Workbench such as properties window, component search feature, and extensive online help that also explains each of the standard Sedona components.  Contemporary Controls’ Sedona Application Editor (SAE) is user –friendly and a smarter choice as a Sedona tool.  
CatNet Systems Videos
Sedona Application Editor Introduction – Part 1
This video introduces the Sedona Application Editor that allows graphical development of control applications for Sedona devices like Contemporary Controls' BAScontrol20, 22 and BASremote.  The video also covers how to use the SVM.

Sedona Application Editor - Part 2: Variable Types
This video introduces users to the different variable types in the Sedona Application Editor (Boolean, Float, Integer and Long) and how to connect variable components together.

Sedona Application Editor - Part 3: Logic Kit 
This video introduces users to the different components located within the Logic Kit in the Sedona Application Editor (And2, And4, ASW, B2P, etc.) and how they work with other components.

About Contemporary Controls
Contemporary Controls is your ideal partner for applying network technology to your building automation project. With over 40 years of global networking experience, worldwide locations, and a reputation for technical support, Contemporary Controls has the expertise required to make your next building automation project successful.  For more information, visit www.ccontrols.com, call 630-963-7070 or email info@ccontrols.com.


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