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InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 Service Pack 2 Released

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New offering delivers HTML5 support, built-in VBScript debugging, and tools to more easily create screens for portable devices.

Austin, TX – Aug. 15, 2013 – InduSoft Inc., an independent SCADA provider, has released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for its award-winning InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 software. SP2 provides native support of HTML5 screens and animation for multiple devices and platforms, including Safari and Chrome browsers.

Unlike many other SCADA systems that require separate development for different operating systems such as Windows, iOS and Android—InduSoft Web Studio lets users create screens once using the standard screen editor, and then deploy these screens across multiple operating systems. Instead of waiting months for screens to be developed for their device, InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 users can now instantly access screens on their various handheld devices via the Studio Mobile Access interface.

Another important addition is the support of native shapes such as lines, rectangles, polygons, ellipses, etc. Along with linked pictures, animations and active objects such as buttons, check boxes and more, these features render the screens for handheld devices to appear much like those of on the larger displays commonly found on PCs. Moreover, SP2 supports a wide range of images (BMP, PNG, JPG, etc.) and animation capabilities.

SP2 also provides built-in troubleshooting tools for the native VBScript editor. These new tools, such as breakpoints and variable watch lists, make debugging much easier. Breakpoints can be created for global procedures, script tasks, graphic scripts and screen scripts. This lets users debug a section of code and review the result, instead of being forced to debug the entire code. Users can also step through their VBScript code one line at a time by using the Step Into, Step Over, and Step Out tools.

Added capabilities to the DB Spy feature, commonly used with debugging tools, offer the ability to view all locally-declared VBScript variables and the current values of those variables using the Locals tab. The Stack Frame tab shows additional information about the VBScript interfaces that are currently open for debugging.  Furthermore, all run-time tasks being debugged and the current state of each task are displayed in the Tasks Frame.

contemporary These are the main new features of SP2, and there are many more enhancements to increase productivity and speed development time. This upgrade continues to demonstrate InduSoft’s commitment to innovation by offering its users the most advanced SCADA solutions in addition to forward version compatibility.

For more information and to download InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 + SP2, please visit

About InduSoft:
Founded in 1997, InduSoft offers a powerful family of industrial software products for developing applications in industrial automation, instrumentation, and embedded systems for all Microsoft-supported operating systems. InduSoft develops tools and technologies that empower people and companies to develop graphical interfaces for embedded PCs, PCs, and mobile devices to highly redundant systems. Today more than 125,000 InduSoft Operator Interface, SCADA, control and data acquisition systems are operating worldwide through direct and partner sales.



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