August 2013
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Control Solutions, Inc

Control, Economy and Reliability in One Package
Comparing the Characterized Control Valve (CCV) to the Globe Valves is like comparing oranges to bananas. Not only does the CCV have a ball-type valve that gives you and equal percentage flow characteristic and unprecedented control stability.
For control stability, a valve must provide an equal percentage characteristic that produces a linear variation in thermal output according to the amount the valve is opened.
Globe valves have been the standard control valves in HVAC applications for many years because they deliver an acceptable flow characteristic. They are, however, relatively costly.
The problem with traditional ball valves in control applications has always been that, while they were very economical and reliable, they had an inherently poor flow characteristic with an extremely high flow coefficient.
The CCV solved this problem and combines a superior flow characteristic with the reliability and economy of a ball type valve. The secret is the patented characterize disc that provides an equal percentage characteristic superior to globe valves of similar size. The combination of the precision shaped aperture in the disc and the specially designed hole in the ball provides slow, precise flow control as the valve is opened. The result is improved part-load behavior, better stability control, and optimized energy use.
All of CCV come equipped with specially developed rotary actuators that provide the necessary precision for modulating, floating point, and on/off control.
Controlled by Multi-function Technology (MFT), the actuator is electronically adapted to the precise opening and closing points so that the full 2-10 VDC control resolution is used. This is accomplished with no-effect on the high close-off pressure.
The stop point can also be set to allow a custom Cv rating to fit any application.
The marriage of CCV and MFT offers a range of valuable features that surpass those of globe valves and do so at a very affordable price.
•    Provide an equal-percentage valve characteristic.
•    Permit no sudden change in inlet flow upon opening (unlike a globe valve).
•    Offer excellent stability of control.
•    Provide Cv values comparable to those of globe valves.
•    Achieve higher close-off ratings than standard globe valves.
•    Pipe as mixing or diverting on three-way valves.

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