August 2019
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FIN 5 is now released and available for order - J2 Innovations

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Having recently launched the latest incarnation of FIN Framework, we can now announce that our Beta testing phase has been completed so we have moved to full release of FIN 5 as of the 8th August.

FIN 5 is the most innovative and advanced software platform for building automation and IoT applications, which provides monitoring, control, scheduling, alarming, visualization, integration, and analytics capabilities designed for OEM partners to customize and incorporate into their products or systems. FIN Framework is already used by a variety of system manufacturers involved in BAS, HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and shading control in buildings.

The FIN 5 release contains many new features and additional benefits, including an all new database, and system configuration UI, to enable faster engineering. A new template creation wizard also makes integrating controllers faster and easier, further reducing configuration time for systems integrators and OEMs. Numerous changes have been made to enhance product robustness. Lastly, J2 Innovations has added additional open APIs to help OEMs and developers further extend the framework, as well as improving the connector framework to make it even more open for third party system and device integration.

Since J2 Innovations acquisition by Siemens last year, we have placed a stronger emphasis on ensuring the FIN Framework follows latest standards in cyber-security; security by design, regular penetration testing and fast update cycles are all key elements in making FIN most cyber-secure, as we have covered in more detail in related articles.
“Many of the quality assurance processes Siemens incorporates in their design and development are now fundamentally part of J2 Innovations’ new quality culture. I believe we’ve been able to strike a good balance between innovative and robust products.” – Alex Rohweder, COO, J2 Innovations

FIN’s architecture continues to be the only platform for building automation and IoT that is fully based on the use of semantic tagging, so offers great advantages compared to other available software platforms. FIN natively supports the Project Haystack open standard for defining and communicating building related data across multiple instances.

The FIN Framework is now more open, fast, robust, and extensible than ever before. You can order FIN through our distributor partners in North America, and through our various OEM partners globally. Several such partners are already readying their versions of FIN 5 for release this year.

PlantPROCORE To find out more about FIN 5 do visit our new FIN 5 launch page, read our multi-part blog series and watch our new video which reviews the various changes. To request a demo of FIN contact our sales team directly.


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