February 2011
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PDFs for AHRExpo Education Sessions - Continuously Connected Open Information for BAS

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AutomatedBuildings.com was pleased to present our 12th consecutive year of free education sessions at AHR Expo 2011, Las Vegas

This release provides connections as requested to the PDFs of the Power Points used in the first three sessions, the panel discussions were not documented.

Continuously Connected Open Information for BAS - 5 AHR Expo Education sessions Las Vegas

1.  Connecting Building Automation to Everything - 9:00 am Monday, January 31st - Jim Sinopoli & Ken Sinclair

Session will discuss managing building systems all the time from anywhere with a continuously connected open web environment to allow the user to complete all tasks including engineering, commissioning and facility maintenance. The role of evolving technologies such as smart phones and tablets for users and facility managers interface will be discussed plus how to sorting through and present data.  Information Technology “IT” is changing everything while connecting everything and it’s this combination of changes that is dramatically changing the BAS industry.  The driver is not “IT”, but the way forward is enabled by IT. How we prepare our Building Automation information for continuous connection will be the focus of session.  This session will also cover a few Predictions for 2011 plus the new products, innovation and development since AHRExpo Orlando.

2.  Continuous Commissioning and Today’s Aggressive Energy Standards - 1:30 pm Monday, January 31st - Dave Branson and Ken Sinclair

Session will discuss the need for a systematic approach to tracking energy utilization that detects problems early long before they lead to tenant comfort complaints, high energy costs, or unexpected equipment failure.  Today’s Aggressive Energy Standards are great increasing the need to insure all technologies in place work. Once successful operation has been achieved continuous commissioning is the only way to maintain and improve aggressive energy standards.

3.  Key Technologies for our Connected Future - 9:30 am Tuesday, February 1st - Jim Sinopoli & Ken Sinclair

This session will carry on from the “Connecting Building Automation to Everything” session discussing and providing the details of the key technologies used to connect all type of data and services to the information cloud. New sensors, video analytics, wireless, SaaS, artificial intelligence, ownership of metering are all changing how we connect to the future. In addition we will discuss building system analytic software, operations centers, micro video cameras, facial recognition security, plug load control and more. Our new found graphically technologies allow us to demonstrate and tell the world about our ability as an industry to reduce environmental impact and energy.

contemporary 4. A Panel discussion - Incentives to Motivate and Connect our Industry 1:30 pm Tuesday, February 1st

Moderator Ken Sinclair, Panelists; Dave Branson, Jim Sinopoli, Toby Considine

A panel discussion of what is currently motivating the Industry to significantly improve building systems, i.e. the green building movement, deep design analysis, continuous commissioning, sustainability, LEED, etc.   Panel will explore issues like; Do utility energy efficiency incentives and rebates work? What is the best vehicle to motivate our Building Automation Industry?  Panel will also explore a variety of tools in the marketplace used for benchmarking and monitoring. Will energy performance BEPIs become part of the due diligence? Become part of this discussion on our how to motivate our future. Join us and provide your input and ask questions of the panel.

5. A Panel discussion Creating Budget for Implementing Information Management 3:00 pm Tuesday,  February 1st

Moderator Ken Sinclair, Panelists; Dave Branson, Jim Sinopoli, Toby Considine

"How much should a facility management organization set aside from their annual budget for information management?"  A fascinating question not generally discussed.  The “convergence” of IT and BMS solutions, the evolution of BIM and related technologies, and the emergence of a new facility function “Facility Information Officer” suggests that the time is ripe to get some discussion on this question by our panel. Discussions will include new facilities with a BIM as well as older ones with a lot of data needing connection and convergence. Connectivity has reached much further than we originally imagined and this session will explore and provide an update on evolving standards and trends in industry and their effects on this budget. Budgeting for the cost of information beyond the building connecting to the collaborative Connected Communities for Building Systems will also be discussed. Join us and provide your input and ask questions of the panel. 


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