February 2013
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Negawatt Business Solutions signs 4 year framework agreement with UK Government Procurement Service.

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The public sector can now generate revenue from its existing assets via a new holistic deal, by focusing on its generators, CHP and control of building systemswhen the demand is high on the grid.

13/2/2013 - Negawatt Business Solutions, a global leader in demand response and energy management is marking its entrance to the UK marketplace by signing a significant agreement with Government Procurement Service (GPS). The multi-supplier framework agreement relies on Negawatt supplying a range of ‘Demand Side Management’ services to public sector facilities for a period of 4 years.

In particular, Negawatt is well placed to provide their unique energy services at a time when government and public sector departments are keen to maximise reven ue generation and efficiencies from their existing assets. Negawatt’s advanced software platforms, coupled with engineering expertise enable businesses to reduce energy consumption and cost, by optimising facility and plant performance whist delivering revenue generating demand reduction programmes.

Following an open procurement process, Negawatt was selected as a supplier for this breakthrough framework agreement. The agreement was signed in February 2013 and gives Negawatt the ability to focus on the public sector in the UK. The framework agreement provides a simple mechanism for Facility Managers / Directors in the public sector to contract with Negawatt as all the necessary pre-qualifications, contracts and pricing have been pre-determined.

Gary Bark, CEO of Negawatt Business Solutions in the UK commented, “This is a substantial step forward for Negawatt in the UK. It reinforces our position as one of the few companies that can supply a genuine range of demand side management solutions that can make substantial impact to the bottom line of any business. This agreement with the public sector gives them a simple mechanism to procure our services. We provide a solution that enables our clients to generate revenue from existing assets, with little to no capital expenditure. In addition to this service we also provide optimisation of existing systems and assets that can make a major impact to energy and carbon savings across a portfolio of buildings. This framework agreement will enable the public sector to take advantage of these solutions and services and engage quickly and efficiently with Negawatt”

As a National Grid Aggregator, Negawatt public sector customers can participate in National Grids pre emergency service – STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve), viathe framework agreement. STOR is one of National Grid’s most important tools for securing the national electricity system in real time. At certain times of the day National Grid needs access to extra power, in the form of either generation or demand reduction to be able to deal with the unforeseen circumstances. As part of this programme customers will be paid for having the capability to reduce demand (an availability fee) and for any actual demand reduction (utilisation fee).

“Demand side response services provide an ideal opportunity for government and the public sector to efficiently utilise its own assets to generate revenue. Added to this, they will be actively participating in a more stable and sustainable electricity grid system without compromising on site security or safety.” said Scott Buckleton, Head of Business Development at GPS.

About Negawatt Business Solutions
Negawatt Business Solutions UK is part of a global energy company with operations and customers in North America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, mainland Europe and the UK. Negawatt’s advanced software platforms, coupled with engineering expertise enables businesses to reduce energy consumption and costs, optimise facility and plant performance and participate in revenue generating demand reduction programmes.

About Government Procurement Service
Government Procurement Service (GPS) is part of the Efficiency & Reform Group in the Cabinet Office, connecting policy with delivery. GPS’s overall priority is to provide procurement savings for the UK public sector as a whole and specifically to deliver centralised procurement for central government departments. GPS’s remit extends across central government and the UK public sector including local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not for profit organisations. Please note: our framework agreements cannot be used by the general public. Working with over 14,500 organisations in central government, health, local government, devolved administrations, education and the not for profit sector, GPS managed over 8.4bn of customer spend through our procurement arrangements and services in the 2011-12 financial year.


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