January 2014
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Transactive Energy Conference Set for December 2014 in Portland, Ore.

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The GridWise® Architecture Council and Smart Grid Oregon are pleased to announce the date has been set for the Second International Conference and Workshop on Transactive Energy. The event will take place December 10-11, 2014, at the World Trade Center in Portland, Ore.

The meeting brings together representatives of government, industry, utilities, vendor organizations and academia who have an interest in advancing transactive energy—an approach that combines economic and control techniques to improve power grid reliability and efficiency.

The 2014 conference will again be a partnership between the GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC) and Smart Grid Oregon with support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the Bonneville Power Administration, Portland General Electric and others. Organizers of the conference currently are identifying keynote and plenary speakers, developing the schedule, and expect to issue a call for papers in mid-April. Further information will become available on the GridWise Architecture Council website.
Last year’s conference included several nationally and internationally known keynote speakers.  For those who are interested in learning more about the 2013 conference, the proceedings can be found at http://www.gridwiseac.org/historical/tec2013/tec2013.aspx.

Control Solutions, Inc An outcome of last year’s conference —also held at the World Trade Center in Portland and attended by 160 participants—was significant progress on the Transactive Energy Framework document http://www.gridwiseac.org/pdfs/te_framework_report_pnnl-22946.pdf, which was issued in draft form in November 2013. The report outlines key transactive energy concepts, drivers, architectures and terminology and, as envisioned, will serve as a baseline document for advancing transactive energy. Though there is no specific deadline, the Council would appreciate comments on the document by mid-March.  Comments may be entered on the GWAC website or e-mailed to: gridwiseac.coordinator@pnl.gov

About the GridWise Architecture Council
The GridWise Architecture Council was convened in 2004 by the Department of Energy with support from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. As a volunteer council, the GWAC includes practitioners and leaders with broad-based knowledge and expertise in power, information technology, telecommunications, financial systems and other fields who are working together toward a coordinated GridWise vision—the transformation of the nation's energy system into a rich, collaborative network filled with decision-making information exchange and market-based opportunities.

GWAC website: http://www.gridwiseac.org/


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