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Call For Papers and More Sponsors of Haystack Connect 2015

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Conference Connects Community and Ecosystem Driving Smart Data, Smart Devices, Smart Buildings and Smart Business.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, February 05, 2015 − Project Haystack (www.project-haystack.org), a non-profit, 501C organization focused on developing common standards to streamline the interchange of data among today’s smart devices, systems and equipment, today announced the Call For Papers and the latest additions to the list of Sponsors of Haystack Connect 2015 conference.

Taking place May 18 - 20, 2015 at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Haystack Connect 2015 is an open forum conference where the community of leading technology suppliers, systems integrators and forward-looking end-users come together to advance managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amount of data generated by today’s smart devices and equipment systems.

Haystack Connect now has 14 major sponsors and exhibitors as well as 3 Media sponsors, with new companies signing up every week. Recent additions include Pacific Controls, Altura Associates, Inc., and Contemporary Controls.

The technical portion of Haystack Connect 2015 is also quickly taking shape with a number of papers and presentations submitted on a wide range of topics around the conference themes that include Data Modeling, Hardware, Analytics, Cyber Security, Energy, Wireless Technologies, and more. The community that Haystack Connect serves is encouraged to share their experiences and submit a paper or presentation. The Call for Papers and Presentations is open until March 15, 2015 and can be submitted online at http://events.haystackconnect.org/2015/#presenting

Since 2013, the Haystack Connect conference has provided a unique opportunity for professionals involved in automation, control and the Internet of Things to learn and share the latest techniques for connecting systems and utilizing device data in applications, including intelligent buildings, energy management, remote monitoring and other smart-device applications. Session topics will include data acquisition, communications, wireless technologies, protocol translation, data visualization, analytics and methods, which can effectively bring data together for improved systems and equipment performance.

More information about Haystack Connect 2015, registration and sponsorship is available at www.haystackconnect.org.

About Project Haystack
Project Haystack is an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things. We standardize semantic data models and web services with the goal of making it easier to unlock value from the vast quantity of data being generated by the smart devices that permeate our homes, buildings, factories, and cities. Applications include automation, control, energy, HVAC, lighting, and other environmental systems. For more information about Project Haystack, please visit www.project-haystack.org.


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