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ccontrolThe BASstat Communicating Thermostat Series has several models to ensure effortless integration into BACnet/IP (Wi-Fi) or BACnet MS/TP (EIA-485) networks. Depending on parameters, such as building zone layout, existing EIA-485 cabling, Wi-Fi routers and connection distance requirements, each BASstat model offers distinct benefits that provide flexibility when installing a distributed zone thermostat control system.

All models include a built-in temperature sensor, input for our remote temperature sensor, or temperature override via network command from the Building Automation System. A built-in relative humidity sensor (in 221CH models) allows the thermostat to display relative humidity on the screen as well as serve it as a BACnet object. Dew point calculation is also served as a BACnet object (no control action is taken based on humidity). Occupancy status can be set from thermostat buttons or over the BACnet network. Thermostat buttons are optionally lockable to prevent unauthorized control or configuration changes. A digital display with graphical icons is easy to read and understand.


HALO IOT Smart Sensor is a multi-sensor capable of detecting vape, smoke, THC and sound abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed. Additional sensors give HALO the ability to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, hazardous chemicals and more!

HALO IOT Smart Sensor is patent pending.

Niagara 4.9u1 is now available  The general availability of Niagara Framework® 4.9u1 is now available. This release is an update build to Niagara Framework® 4.9 and includes updates to the latest JRE and Bouncycastle libraries as well as certain security fixes from other software providers. Also, 4.9u1 contains several critical defect fixes which address a BACnet MSTP timing issue along with an issue whereby TLS connections to a FIPS-enabled platform no longer work. In addition, other libraries were also updated to the latest versions to address bug fixes. Cybersecurity is a priority at Tridium. We are dedicated to continuously improving the security of our products, and we will continue to update you as we release new security features, enhancements, and updates. Customers are strongly encouraged to migrate to this latest release of Niagara 4.


As much as I love the #cloud, many times there are projects where #edge is needed. But it has to be simple and fast. Today I set up a #RaspberryPi with #BalenaOS and #NodeRED in 10 minutes. On the #RPi I've installed a #Monarco HAT that has #industrial I/Os. This was connected to the #Datacake #IoT platform via Node-RED Extension.
So I can now control the I/Os and implement edge logic on the device without writing code. This is just perfect for industrial automation and control scenarios.And the connection to the Datacake Platform is done via our official Node-RED nodes. It couldn't be simpler or faster.

kantechINTRODUCING KANTECH |  New Product Line Available Now Powerful, Simple and Secure Access Control
Cochrane Supply is excited to also now be a distributor of Kantech products! Kantech (part of Tyco Security Products) designs, markets and supports integrated access control technologies that are ready to use right out of the box. Kantech's solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the EntraPass access control software combines with the powerful KT-300 or KT-400 door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale applications. Kantech also offers out-of-the box integration with intrusion detection and telephone entry systems. All managed from a unified software package. Kantech offers a full suite of access control products that are reliable, easy to install and easily scalable.


4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 is an industrial-grade multifunctional Router, a powerful industrial IoT gateway. Provides 2SIMcards, 1WAN, 3LAN, WIFI, 4AIN, 2DO, 2DI, 1RS485, 1RS232.  Widely used in wireless industrial Internet of Things applications.

4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 adopts dual SIMCard communication redundancy design, which can automatically switch between WAN and SIMCard. Support 1 WAN port with RJ45 interface, 3 LAN ports with RJ45 interface, LAN port supports POE output power supply function, saving field wiring.
4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 provides 4 analog inputs, 2DO output, 2DI input, 1 RS485, 1 RS232, which can be widely used in data acquisition and remote control applications.
4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40 supports MQTT protocol, Modbus TCP protocol, AWS IoT protocol, Aliyun IoT protocol, Huawei IoT protocol, etc., and can be easily connected to various main cloud platforms.

beagleSeeed Studios—the makers of the Odyssey mini-PC we reviewed back in August—have teamed up with well-known SBC vendor BeagleBoard to produce an affordable RISC-V system designed to run Linux.

The new BeagleV (pronounced "Beagle Five") system features a dual-core, 1GHz RISC-V CPU made by StarFive—one of a network of RISC-V startups created by better-known RISC-V vendor SiFive. The CPU is based on two of SiFive's U74 Standard Cores—and unlike simpler microcontroller-only designs, it features a MMU and all the other trimmings necessary to run full-fledged modern operating systems such as Linux distributions.

StarFive's VIC7100 processor design is aimed at edge AI tasks as well as general-purpose computing. In addition to the two RISC-V CPU cores, it features a Tensilica Vision VP6 DSP for machine-vision applications, a Neural Network Engine, and a single-core NVDLA (Nvidia Deep Learning Accelerator) engine.

IDEC Adds MQTT IIoT Support to MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC CPU MQTT support, available as a free firmware upgrade for new and existing systems, ensures effective IIoT connectivity between the field and the cloud. IDEC Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, January 12, 2021 — IDEC Corporation has released a free firmware upgrade enabling new and existing MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC CPUs to support the industry-standard MQTT protocol. The upgrade can be downloaded to the FC6A CPU, so it is easy for users to connect all types of field data to on-site and cloud-based brokers, and make the information readily available for users and analytical applications. Users can also send commands to the FC6A using MQTT. Decisions are Built on Data Users everywhere know that industrial internet of things (IIoT) data acquired from their manufacturing sites—whether from machine automation, building utilities, smart devices, or any other source—is essential for supporting many other activities. Live and historized data drives visualization, alarming/notifications, control commands, predictive maintenance, deep analytics, and more so sites can operate at maximum efficiency. MQTT is Industry Standard
Traditional industrial poll/response communications protocols used with PLCs and HMIs are robust and useful, but they can be demanding for users to configure and maintain, they may inefficiently use limited bandwidth, and they often do not provide sufficient cybersecurity.

Chipkin OPC UA gateway to over 140 other protocols
Chipkin has completed and released an OPC UA driver for MSA's FieldServer Gateway Interface family.
By: Chipkin Automation Systems  VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Jan. 13, 2021 - PRLog -- Using this driver integrators will be able to connect Building Automation Systems to Industrial Automation where the use of OPC communications is common. We have 140+ protocols available on our products. You can now connect OPC to fire systems, power systems, heating & cooling systems, irrigation systems and more. The Gateway can emulate both a client and a server. When configured as a client, the OPC UA driver will connect to the configured OPC UA servers and attempt to read the requested data points. This data is then mapped to any of the other protocols loaded in the Gateway.

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