January 2016
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BSRIA delivering global HVAC trends presentations at 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando - BSRIA Booth #4792

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BSRIA will be delivering global HVAC trends presentations at the 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando on Monday 25th and repeated on Tuesday 26th January – combining an industry presentation event and an educational training programme – from 8:00 – 9:30 am.
BSRIA will review the latest global trends within the industry. This is a rare chance to consult with our experts privately.
Welcome from Julia Evans, BSRIA CEO
Krystyna Dawson
Heating markets worldwide: everything changes so – everything stays the same
Efficiency legislation, low fossil fuel prices and rapid increase in distributed energy generation are increasingly shaping space heating and domestic hot water markets. The step by step approach in adoption of renewables is likely although the steps taken might be very different among the countries. The heating world is far from easily predictable. This BSRIA presentation will provide an overview that will help resolve this challenge.
Raphael Chalogany                                                             
Intelligent Building Controls Market & the IoT Revolution – how much is hype & how much is really happening?
Where are the threats to building automation coming from? Which vertical markets will provide the best opportunity? Will building services go into the cloud and what opportunities does analytics and big data offer and what about cyber – security? How will energy storage impact the markets? How are smart homes and intelligent buildings merging?
Jeremy Towler
Connected, smart HVAC technology is here – fact or fiction?
How will VRF, connected HVAC and communicating room controllers change the structure of the BACS and smart homes markets? Who is driving change in the data centre cooling market and what is the consequence? How does the North American hydronic and HVAC controls market compare with China and Europe? How can all the new technologies be leveraged to tackle the urgent need to retrofit the aging building stock?
Anette Holley
Global HVACR trends – finding the sweet spots
China, the global giant is slowing down; whilst other markets are moving out of the recession; whilst the traditional North American market is being challenged by the growth in VRF. BSRIA will look at the current drivers, opportunities and challenges in the global AC market in terms of products and geographics and how the market is reaction to his and what the expectations are in terms of future market growth.
Control Solutions, Inc Andrew Giles
How menacing will the new supply chain controller be?
How will future supply chains change and who will be at the top of the food chain? How will the battle of solutions, systems and products hot up? What products will change and where will the technology innovations remain incremental? How will the market change by 2020 and 2030 and who will be the long term winners? Where can we expect disruption and where will everything stay the same? What are the key sectors and countries of critical focus?
Q & A, breakfast and one-to-one meetings with the experts.
To reserve your seat:
BSRIA booth # 4792.

BSRIA continues to offer unrivalled professional consultancy in the HVACR, controls and energy field, helping organisations find the right business solutions in changing times.
BSRIA is a non-profit distributing, member-based association, providing specialist services in construction and building services. More information at www.bsria.co.uk.


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