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New Proton 2nd Generation Building Controller is Released

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Designed for Simpler Monitoring and Control for Small Buildings

Sammamish, WA (January 5, 2017) – Optergy, a provider of building automation and energymanagement products, today announced the launch of its second generation Proton.

Proton  is  the  first  building  controller  complete  with  120GB  storage  that  combines  building and  energy  management  features,  uses  an  intuitive  web  interface,  and  can  connect  to  a companion  IOS  or  Android  mobile  application  for  quick  and  simple  monitoring  and  control. This  economical  product  manages  up  to  100  BACnet  or  Modbus  devices,  and  has  built-in web based programming & tools. Users now have an economical and simple means to access their building controls and energy consumption data anytime, anywhere.

Last year it was said "Proton by Optergy became the first true open supervisor and controller that can interoperate with any BACnet unitary controller and is 100% web based. It has all the needed  tools  to  setup,  operate  and  maintain  the  system,  and  has  all  of  this  at  economical price  points,"  said  Steven  Guzelimian,  Optergy  USA  President.  "This  year  we  are  releasing many  new  features  to  build  on  an  already  impressive  product  and  introducing  Proton  to  a global audience”. 

Optergy is releasing at AHR EXPO 2017:• New localization capabilities; Use Google for initial language translation and tools to refine• New license options; Support for up to 100 devices• New software features; Support for Mobile App, BACnet Virtual devices and more• New applications; VPN configurations, Kiosk mode, API  & more• New hardware capabilities; Contractor friendly design and installation• New workflow tools; All web based programming, configuration and graphics editing• New no-cost eLearning; Learn the Optergy way, self certify at your own pace

Economics for the Contractor:• Less expensive than the next best alternative• Better competitive position• All-inclusive hardware, software and license• Free eLearning and updates• Ease of deployment/everything is in the boxRich End-User Experience:• Visualization, automated reports, built-in features• Easy to learn and self-manage• All tools included in the system• Web and mobile device connectivity• No subscription fees

Key benefits of the PROTON Building Controller:• Economical building controller that sits side by side or on top existing HVAC/Electrical systems• Simple licensing based on number of devices with unlimited points (10/20/50/100). No ongoing fees!• Robust database that can store years of analytic data• Easily connect and manage any BACnet or Modbus device, including schedules, trends and alarms• Save time – Secure remote connectivity, for installation, updates, and maintenance• No extra effort - Built-in BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, Modbus IP, Modbus RTU for improved connectivity• Productive - HTML5 programming utilizes web to create control logic that do not require a thick client• Accessible - Seamlessly move from big screen to a small screen phone using a feature rich mobile app• Accountability - Unlimited users, each with their own privilege and unique navigation, all events logged• Intuitive - Add video content, html (web pages), energy reports and to create rich visualization• Value - Built in applications for Energy Management, Building Control, Facility Management• Engage users with scrolling message content, video, and mobile app messaging.

contemporary Proton Models:Proton 10 is the basic solution for a complete building automation system that supports up to 10connected  BACnet  or  Modbus  devices  in  a  building.  Small  building  owners  can  get  started  with this simple and economical building control solution with Proton 10.  Proton  20 features  all  the  essential  base  features  of  Proton  10  and  adds  support  for  up  to  20connected BACnet or Modbus devices. Proton 20 also includes scrolling display support, essential for  users  to  communicate  with  their  desired  audience  such  as  tenants  or  visitors  through  public displays.Proton  50  features  all  the  essential  base  features  of  Proton  20  and  adds  support  for  up  to  50connected  BACnet  or  Modbus  devices.  Proton  50  adds  3  tenants  for  use  with  after-hours  tenant billing and utility billing.Proton 100  features  all  the  essential  base  features  of  Proton  50  and  adds  support  for  up  to  100connected BACnet or Modbus devices. Proton 100 adds supports for 10 tenants.

About Optergy
Optergy is a technology company dedicated to improving the business of managing facilities with tools to improve efficiency,   performance   and   processes,   whilst   providing   key stakeholders  with  the  information  and  reporting  to  make  informed  strategic  decisions.  From the simplest building, to the  largest complex  enterprise, our client base is extensive  and includes professionals ranging from the education, healthcare, commercial, retail and government sectors.

Optergy is a wholly owned business by the Oberix Group Pty.


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